Friday, May 14, 2010

Pretty Things...

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has some great weekend plans. I starting to feel better, so I hope that Mario and I get out of the house for awhile and take in some fresh air. It has been a long week. I haven't really felt much inspired to get dressed up as of late- so I took to browsing online for some ideas. For awhile I've been seeing this lovely cat print dress from Zara, as worn by Anabela of Fieldguided and as seen in the Thrift Eye blog, but sadly the Zaras in San Francisco sold out in my size. If anyone sees one in an extra small anywhere let me know! It's so cute! Cats!

I went back and visited one of my favorite jewelery designer's sites - Erica Weiner. Check out their environmental policy!

" Packing materials are reused and mailers are 90% post-consumer paper and 100% recyclable. About half of our jewelry materials are vintage, dead stock and re-purposed. We offset 300% of our carbon output through http://www.carbonfund.org/. Most importantly, all of our jewelry is handmade in NYC; it always has been and always will be."

Her pieces are generally made from found vintage trinkets and odds & ends - they are also very vintage inspired. I have the scissors necklace in gold. And a funny little story to go along with it.

I bought the little scissors necklace for myself sometime ago in a little Brooklyn boutique. I don't often wear a lot of jewelery, but I do like delicate little necklaces. What is funny is that last year for Valentine's day Mario bought me a small gift- he was so sweet and stated several times I hope you like it-I opened it up and told him I loved it- in fact I liked it so much I already owned it. We had a laugh over it. It's funny. He knew it was something I would like, but he doesn't pay that much attention to what I'm wearing at any given time - to know what I already have. Silly goose. I love him tons.

I also spent some time yesterday browsing at my favorite favorite favorite ( I could keep going with the favorites here) online shop Le Train Bleu. The selection always amazes me. I found these pretty little spring summer items in the new arrivals. They are so sweet- I may have to get both.

I have been good with my shopping allowance money- so I have some extra. I haven't spent it yet since I am so indecisive about what to get! This is why I still have gift cards from Christmas that I still haven't used. C'est la vie.


  1. I love the scissors necklace, so cute!

  2. I've been drooling over the Zara kitty dress too. You'd think that fabric designers would put out some adorable (not babyish) kitty prints, but alas. Fail.
    I meant to comment on your closet clean out post. I totally get what you're saying. But instead of editing, I clicked through on the laws of general economy site, bid on a ridiculous (ridiculously beautiful) black wool dress (in summer?) and won. Le sigh. I need to get more disciplined about spending, even if it was only $30.
    Glad to hear that you're feeling better.

  3. The scissors necklace is adorable, and that is just a typical guy move, hahaha!
    The locket is super cute too, I must go and check her out!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Thank you ladies : )

    Rad- yeah the lase of gen. econ. blog can be dangerous. Because it's easy to justify a great piece at a great price- I haven't won anything yet so I guess that's lucky? Since I only have a small spending allowance. :) As for the cat prints- I know! I did a search online to find some and nada! And i found one top at anthropologie (online) that said it had a feline print - but it was a print of raccoons. Raccoons are felines? Why did I not know this?