Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moustache Madness and a Giveaway!

They're here! Moustache cookies! These cookies are vegan and Gluten-free and the best part? They are 100% fun! Mario and I have been having a blast with them. Please email me know if you want the recipe for the dough and/or the icing. The dough is pretty fantastic and can even be used as a crust for vegan fruit tarts and berry pies. The 'icing' is my own recipe and it's super easy to whip up.

I did not have a moustache cookie cutter so I drew mustaches on paper, cut them out, and used them as stencils.
I then added the frosting and created texture with a fork. Nothing fancy- it was easy to go back and 'fix' the 'staches I didn't like by going over them with a small fork.

For the solid- non textured 'staches I just spread the icing on with a small rubber spatula. I also baked them with wood skewers so we could do this...

(What I'm wearing: Cardigan from Anthro, Top via Le Train Bleu, Jeans are J Brand, Shoes are old Frye heels.)

Also, I am doing my first giveaway! Yeay! A short while ago I did a post on Snoozer Loser - I love their designs and I was lucky enough to purchase a spring collection dress from them (before it sold out in my size!) and lucky for you, I also snagged this lovely necklace to give away! No, this is not being sponsored by Snoozer Loser- I just happened to receive the very same necklace as a gift (uh-huh, this is is common theme in my life) and decided to pass one on. It's a really great piece to wear with plain tees and with any dress you want to add a bit of flair to. It will come to you wrapped and packaged up in the original Snoozer Loser printed box.

All you have to do to enter, is be a follower, leave a comment here, about anything- about moustaches, your favorite movie, or your favorite Muppet- and please leave a way to contact you if you win. Open to international readers as well. (In a time of text messages and emails I love to ship little packages and letters overseas.) Winner will be chosen at random on Friday May 28th at 5pm. If you re-post you receive a second entry, just let me know if you have done so. Good Luck!


  1. The stick is soooo genius!! Your cookies are so awesome.
    I want to go to a mustache party!

    Love the necklace, too funny you get duplicates!

  2. What a pretty necklace - how funny someone gifted you one! I love your top and how you tied it in front!

    For my birthday party two years ago my friends (who are 90% dudes) threw me an "Augustache" party... August + mustache = Augustache! They all grew beards from Aug 1 until my birthday on the 26th then shaved them down into crazy handlebars and fu manchus... we also had faux fur around too so the ladies (and guys who couldn't grow beards due to their jobs) could rock one too... it was super ridiculous!

  3. What a lovely necklace! I'm so glad I visited your blog today. Your cookies are pure genius btw- i love them :)

  4. I hate the Muppets (always have, always will) but I love mustaches! As an illustration of what a mean person I am, in high school when it came time to vote for best mustache for the yearbook, I wrote in the name of a girl who had a long, impressive mustache. She also happened to be the one in charge of collecting the votes. Kids are jerks.

  5. Hi honey!!

    Great post...LOVEEEE IT <3
    xoxo* by portugal



  6. Those cookies are beautiful and delish (and funny). Could I get the recipe?
    During my fake bachelorette party (Blokey attended too), everyone got mustache stickers. They were velveteen and very Super Mario Bros. There are too many photos of me singing at a Korean karaoke place with a mustache sticker between my eyes.

  7. THanks everyone- making the cookies was a blast!
    Rad- I'll email you the recipe when I get home. It's super easy!

  8. Gorgeous necklace!
    Those cookies are adorable. Statler and Waldorf are easily the BEST Muppets ever - bonus for Waldorf's awesome 'stache!


  9. The necklace is fantastic! The cookies made me crack up and hungry at the same time, they're so cute :)


  10. I love this more than almost any give-a-way item I have seen. I keep entering these and never win (keeping fingers crossed).

    Once, a very handsome gentleman came into the cafe and filled out an application. His mustache was so dreamy that I was day dreaming about him while cutting bread slices, and due to the dreamy-ness, I actually sliced my finger rather badly and was sent home.