Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Saturday afternoon

Saturday, Mario's dad came up for a visit. We also had a small goodbye get together with some friends who are moving to Hawaii. I wish I was going with them because I could use some warm sunny weather on my ghostly self.

This is what I wore for the day, sure it looks sunny and nice, but boy was it cold! I threw on the pink top for a splash of color, also I kinda hoped the color would brighten up my skin tone. Perhaps it's time to invest in some make-up. I think the no make-up look only worked in my teens and early 20's.

Hat is vintage, top is old Anthro, as are the shoes.Jeans are 18th Amendment - the Bacall jeans. I love the little pocket and stitching details on them -These are my absolute favorite jeans and I try to avoid wearing them because, I want them to be in my closet for a long long time. Let me tell you, it's hard not to wear them with everything!

Thank you mario for taking these quick pictures in between getting things ready for the day.


  1. I love those jeans and that hat is darling!

  2. I don't think you need make up at all, you look wonderfully dainty and fine just the way you are. I used to wear make up (foundation, and blush) but have totally weened myself off of it to the point where I think I look worse with it on than with just fresh skin. I have special tips for skin care. I'm going to post them on my blog tomorrow. It'll be a big update since I haven't let anybody know what's up all week.

    Oh, and you know I adore this outfit, right? The jeans are totally amazing :)

  3. Maya! oh! I'm excited as I am clueless about skin care and make-up! I do mascara and occasionally eyeliner- but other than applying sunscreen ??what else should you do? Can't wait for your post!

  4. You look awesome in those jeans!
    I hope the weather gets warm for you, I hate a cold spring, it can really get you down when you want to start dressing for summer!

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. oh my gosh I love this outfit!

  6. Such a sweet summer look! Those jeans look fabulous on you and I love the hat!

  7. and by that i definitely mean SO adorable!