Friday, May 21, 2010

Vegans, Doctors, Moustaches and the return of Winter

Hurrah for Fridays! I'm very excited for the weekend ahead- lots of good stuff coming up, that I can't wait to get to. Being patient is so difficult!

I am also feeling much much much better. Thank you all for the well wishes- I much appreciated them. This past month has been pretty bad as far as health goes. If you ever read The Secret Garden or Little Women, I am like the real life version of Colin or Amy. Well, I was as a child, anyway. I'm not going to get into a whole long story here, it's just that I've a health condition and I was always ill- then I had a surgery, and I have been in perfect health, until now, and I was so scared I was going to get seriously ill again. But I am better. The whole experience however has left me really soured on the medical profession and Doctors outlooks on being Vegan.

I mean I had them insisting that the reason I was feeling sick was due to being Vegan. This was insulting, because I am VERY careful about what I eat. I know how to eat well-thank you very much. I had one Doctor accuse me of maybe eating to many fried things - what? I rarely ever eat anything fried. I guess they assume when people say they are Vegan they skip the burger and just eat fries? It's ridiculous. So all I could do was say go ahead- test me for nutritional deficiencies- check it all, I don't care! (Though I kind of do care I hate needles) But, anyway my tests came back FINE - better than fine, above average even, for iron, and B12, and folate- And all else was normal as well. My diet is not making me ill -something else is, or was. I am lots better now.

My issue is that this isn't the first time Doctors have jumped to that conclusion, "Oh, you're a Vegan..." - and I wonder what they teach in medical school about nutrition. I'm very very curious!

I know, this topic isn't very fun- but here is something that is, MOUSTACHES!!! I am going to be making Moustache shaped cookies this weekend (yep, moustache party!) I'm going to draw up some Moustaches to create cardboard stencils - as I do not have a Moustache cookie cutter. There are some online, but don't have the time to wait for one to get here- plus I want to make different shapes of 'staches. I'll be certain to post lots of photos!

Here are some ideas....

I'm also hoping we get out of the wintery weather slump we've hit yet again. Apparently there have been record breaking lows for this time of year. I'm a baby when it come to the cold- I know, but seriously winter stop invading our spring!

Here is what I wore today- layers- and it was still not enough to keep warm!

Cape, from the Gap, Sweater? Scarf from UO, Long sleeve tee, thrift (unseen), jeans are J Brand, shoes Vintage. Messy hair and red nose (unseen) courtesy of Bay Area cold and wind.

Hope that you all have fantastic weekend plans!


  1. A mustache party sounds fun. I want to go to one of those some day... haha.

    Glad you are feeling better!!
    I hate going to the doctors and I have having blood drawn. Last time it took three nurses and it made me start to freak out....

    Glad you got to prove to them that you're vegan food choices were not your problem though!

    I hope you get some spring!!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Doctors are crap! They always without fail tell me to get more sleep, eat a healthy diet and exercise. I ALREADY DO THAT and I am still ill, THATS WHY IM HERE! I guess though for a lot of people, behavioural factors like that are actually the problem, so I suppose they've got to ask. I prefer that to them just randomly prescribing drugs.

    Anyway, glad you're feeling better and I love the 'taches!

  3. Moustache shaped cookies sound amazing! I'm glad you are feeling better too xxx

  4. I read somewhere that on average, med schools teach about four hours on nutrition. No, that's not in a week, or in a semester; that's in med school. Four hours. Period.

    Mustache cookies! Amazing.

    And I love that cape!

  5. What? only 4 hours ? Thats terrible! I mean since nutrition is so important!