Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday on a Sunday

It's been a a bit of a busy weekend. Yesterday we did not go to the farmer's market or do any of our usual Saturday morning stuff. Mario was recording some drum tracks ( yes, he is a drummer) and I had work to catch up on. I even managed to try out a couple of dance exercise dvds. Um, one was pretty good (NYC Ballet Workout), the other, well let's just say it looked like they brought people in off the street to be the dancers- one lady was wearing jeans! It was also pretty lackluster and way too easy. So yeah, don't try the CRUNCH island dance dvd. I looked into a few cycling classes and found a gym near my work that has a trial membership- so I may try it out. I could go right after work.

When Mario got back we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood and get some iced coffees.

This is what I was wearing around the house. I need to learn how to get better photos.
I bought this little topshop romper last year it is super comfortable, and great for hot days. Later we went out for Thai and walked to Grand Ave.

Here is what I wore to dinner. The Thai place is casual, I only changed because it got cold!

The Sunset from our front "yard" - actually it's a walkway/balcony.

This building is really oddly shaped- and for some reason it reminds me of a lego piece.

Anyway, since we didn't go to the Grand Lake farmer's market yesterday, today we are going to the Temescal farmer's market. I 'm pretty excited because they have Blue Bottle Coffee there and Scream Sorbet - the best best best sorbet around! Seriously it's vegan heaven.

I've also heard that this farmer's market sells locally made clothes? While I'm not too excited about the fashion-y prospects of a farmer's market, I'm willing to check it out and report back.

That's my little weekend so far. Hope you've all had a good one!

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  1. Farmer fashion sounds like it could be a hilarious train wreck - but who knows, maybe there are some farmer fashionistas out there, hehehe.

    Love your romper, it's so cute!

    Chic on the Cheap