Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Los Angeles Part II: Echo Park- Flounce Vintage & Lemon Frog Shop

The first stop on our vintage route was in Echo Park - Flounce Vintage.

The shop was incredibly laid back, I mean it's rare when you can shop without having to contend with people over your shoulder. And, for a late Saturday morning the shop was empty of customers, except for us. Which was nice because it is a small shop and that gave us plenty of room to sift through the racks- and ogle the bags and jewelry.

Flounce, had some of the most amazing 50's silk dresses I've ever seen, and tons and tons of delicate accessories- tiny earrings, cameos, and shell hair combs and barrettes.

It was hard to limit myself to just one thing. But before setting out on our adventure I set myself a limit of one item per store, rather than set a monetary limit. And, I did stick to that limit!

I bought this skirt:

Vintage Skirt- Flounce LA

Vintage Skirt- Flounce LA

I really loved the leaf print when I saw it and knew it had to come home with me. It is very well made, with a sort of sewn-in tie belt, and zip up the back. It is/was a bit too long for me, as I am too short to pull of mid- calf length skirts, so I ran it down to the seamstress during my lunch hour to be hemmed - so that it hits just at the knee
It reminds me of these Anthropologie skirts...

Echo Park
Echo Park

We also fell in love with where Flounce is located, set on a quiet street lined with palms,and right next to a cute cafe. I really wish I had taken better pictures! The overall laid-back arty 'vibe' and hilly terrain reminded me a lot of where I live in Oakland, and I think if I were ever to move to LA I would live in Echo Park or Silver Lake.

Our next stop on the vintage tour brought us to the mother-load of vintage clothes

We spent hours in the store - the owner was amazing, and though the shop is overwhelming (as it is brimming with clothes) she made it easy to shop by directing me to my size (yes the clothes are arranged by size!) and finding dresses that would suit me. I had a really hard time deciding on just one item. I want to go back for the dresses that I left behind!

I ended up buying this little 'grunge-era' floral dress:

Lemon Frog Shop
Lemon Frog Shop
It is now at the the tailor shop as well - being taken up, and in at the top. I have this problem with any remotley tankish-top style of a shirt or dress. My tiny elderly Vietnamese seamstress was going on about how short my tosro is. Sheesh! Like I don't know that already, but honestly I'm glad because she knows how to fix the problem!

A good seamstress or tailor is a lifesaver, er clothes-life saver?

Just for fun, here is what I wore to work today- I purchased the little grey top in Ventura, nearby where my sister lives. The Jacket was a gift from Anthro. The Marc bag was a gift as well. The jeans are by Found Denim, and the shoesies are from target. Sunglasses are Cheap Monday. I'm still on the hunt for vintage Ray Bans... but they elude me.



  1. What cool shops, if I were any less than a six hour plane ride away, I would love to check them out.
    I'm so impressed you managed to come home with only two items, I doubt I'd find that kind of self restraint, especially with how you've described the shops.

    Your skirt and dress are so cute, I can already see the dress with your oxfords...

  2. : ) Oh there is more, I still have one more LA post! But it was hard just leaving with one item per shop!

  3. I love that skirt, can't wait to see how you style it. Wish I could get so lucky on a shopping jaunt!

  4. Beautiful dress, beautiful skirt! I like it even more than the Anthro skirts.
    Don't you love how tailors like to tell you everything "wrong" with your body? The first time I went to a tailor at 18, she was fitting a dress shirt and she told me, "Well, the problem is that you have no boobs." Cheers, lady!

  5. I love your vintage picks! Your outfit is super cool - I love the top, especially with the tougher jacket!

  6. I love both of your finds.

    " (yes the clothes are arranged by size!) " -- I SO wish more people did this, especially Etsy stores. If I can't search for my size easily I don't bother looking; who wants to scroll through pages and pages of vintage clothes on the off chance that something they like will be their size?! I like a slightly more efficient and less disappointing shopping experience!

  7. Thanks ladies : ) It's hard not to find good stuff in los angeles - just that it can get pricey- but we did well on our excursion.

    Rad- yes! about tailors - I love my seamstress in that she is excellent at what she does but it was hard to keep that in mind as she was poking me around the belly asking me if I wanted to let the skirt out - um - I'm surprised she didn't call me out on having no boobs. ha : )
    I'm at the point where I have to laugh about it though.

    Jesse - YESYESYES to organizing by size. It is really a timesaver - and heart saver that way you don't have to sift through racks and find an amazing piece that get attached to even though its five sizes too big.
    Man, if I ever start an etsy shop- I'm going to steal your organize by size idea : )

  8. Oh, I ADORE what you chose. And what a great idea! One item per shop! I can't stop looking at that dress. Fabulous.