Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty!

The newest member of our family. We adopted her today and we're now trying to get her acclimated to her new surroundings, before we introduce her to Prescott (our other cat). Apparently you have to wait two weeks before they meet face to face. We still haven't named her, she is super sweet but a bit skittery - which is understandable as she is (as we were told by the adoption center) a semi-feral kitty. At the shelter she fell asleep in my arms. I'm hoping she gets used to her new home soon.

Anyone have any cute kitten name suggestions?


  1. Oh she is so precious!!! I can't wait for dozens of adorable kitten pictures to ensue.
    How are you going to hide her from the other cat for two weeks? Won't he figure it out?

    For names, I have a habit of naming everything after fictional characters that I like; right now I like Fiona.


    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Cuteness! I love new cats! Very exciting. I can't wait to hear about the transition process. I like characters from books, history, movies, and TV. But naming is secondary, since you'll probably call her Honey and Sweetie for a while anyway.
    After 2 days, we've been hosting progressively longer "play dates" between Buster and Lula. Buster has totally accepted our older cat, but Lula remains suspicious and growly. Very dramatic.
    Jesse.anne.o is of course the resident cat expert. I'm sure she'll have good pointers.\

  3. Ah, she looks so sweet :) I am sure she will acclimate well. I might finally break down and get a kitty (I think an older one though).

  4. Lyddiegal- Oh my gosh I wanted to call her Fiona, but a friend of ours has a really sweet cat already named Fiona.

    Rad - that's great! as it is Prescott seems to be curious with the new kitty (well the room the new kitty is in- we'll see how it goes. : )

    WildBird - Aww, we had wanted to get an older kitty but since Prescott has been the lone catmaster for so many years- that transition may have been harder.

  5. Squeee! A new banner and a new kitty!

    I really, really want a cat, but I keep reminding myself that my Jack Russell and Rottie would not be very kind to one.

  6. So cute! Gah! Look at that little face!

    She doesn't sound too feral if she fell asleep in your arms, lady! I wonder if she meant she was born on the street? If you need any cat-to-people socialization tips, there are some good videos online and I'm just about to moderate a tutorial set in August (which won't help you) with the same group!

    Slow and steady wins the race with cat introductions so I'm glad they are giving you some guidelines - I think you've done this before though, right?

  7. Jesse - hehe : ) I know I was surprised when she said semi-feral. What does that really mean? The litter of kittens was fostered before going to the shelter. We were not told where they were born. But, I think you're right they were probably just born on the street : ) She is really sweet, but skittery and not too happy with prescott, though we've only had them meet through the porch screen so far...

  8. Oh so cute! I love kitties :) We only waited about two or three days to introduce our kitties, but more time is best because you want to make sure they all get along and don't transfer any shelter diseases either....ever decide on a name?