Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trades & Finds

It's no secret I LOVE my local consignment and vintage shops for their wonderful selections. So much so, that I usually shy away from shopping at the 'chain' buy sell trade shops like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads. But yesterday, (pre-kitten pick up of course) I had a bag load of things that were not vintage or designer, and I decided to bring them to Crossroads for trade. And boy, was I in for a surprise!

The Crossroads had moved from their tiny little digs on College Ave. right by the Bart station- to a much much larger spot further up the street. And it is amazing - seriously it is now so well organized, has large fitting rooms, and good lighting (so important for shopping!) They also have racks that are for designer items.

So I brought it my gently used summer items that I no longer wear- and traded for a couple of nice things and $38 in pocket money for the weekend.

A canvas beach bag with the coolest print!


That Mario just had to make fun of because of the "TNA" label. Yes, guys are really mature.
I learned that TNA is a bag design label, not some surf wear label like I had originally thought.

This bag also brought back memories of my sister and I watching Who's the Boss re-runs on TV. There was a episode where Sam goes to a dance and has this dress with the cutest sunglasses print on it. Man did I want that dress! Yep, so much so that I remember my sister and I discussing it at large - okay we watched too much TV, but hey it was New England and winters can be pretty rough!

Anyway...I also picked up this cute little Mia Farrow-esque black baby doll / tent dress, that was really hard to photograph...


It looks a lot better on than it does hanging. And, yes that is Jabba on our Japanese toy/book shelf.

Then I picked this up on our way to get iced coffees from a sidewalk sale, with some of the trade money...


As for the weekend outfits - here is what I wore for today:


It's a little bit girly, but comfy. Cardigan and Belt are from Anthro. Shoes are vintage, via Action is the Fruit on etsy, and the dress is from the Liberty for Target collection.

Okay, I am totally justifying getting a bunch of new things this weekend- since they were in trade (except for the pin).

How often do you do trades/consignment of your clothing?


  1. You are so cute! That bag! And say no more about the cardigan. I have never done a trade or consignment swap with my clothes...only a clothing swap with friends. I wish there were more consignment shops out where I live. boo.

  2. I am so glad you answered that Jabba question because as soon as I looked at that picture that was the first thing I noticed!

    I can't wait to see that dress in action.

    I used to do resale about once every 2 months but now it's been a lot less. Maybe 3x a year vs the 6x I used to do it. And smaller loads to bring each time. When I went to the swap I pulled out some things that had missed the boat for the spring/summer haul and were just sitting around waiting for later. That's the other hard part - culling for which season the stores are buying for!

    I haven't paid much attention to consignment since resale is so readily available at 4 locations in town. But I keep meaning to poke into those stores, too.

  3. I've never really traded clothes, and more often than consignment, I'll just donate it. Consignment places can be so picky and often I'll only get a few dollars, if it even sells. Trying out the blog shop, and I sold one thing!

    I love your new dress, and I often buy things because they remind me of something I watched on tv.

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. That dress is going to be so amazing on you, I can just tell! I usually hoard stuff instead of reselling, but the few times I have, it's been a good experience. I try to trade in run of the mill UO to get more vintage stuff.

  5. I shop and trade at Buffalo all the time. It's my absolute favorite store ever. Last spring I had to get rid of some stuff to have extra cash to go to europe. I usually take the trade which would have been $300!!! But since I needed the cash I got like 200 something, which is still really good and the most I've ever gotten from them.

  6. I love the print on your dress, it's gorgeous!
    Cute bag too, love the coloured sunglasses :)