Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Top Shop Dress

Looking into my closet is somewhat of a challenge now with a kitten underfoot, trying to get in at any given opportunity. She managed to sneak in today while we were at work and chewed up the plastic dry cleaning wrap I keep to cover my whites and delicate dresses. (Yes I am that careful with my clothes) *sigh* Oh kitty please don't go into the closet. Anyway, while getting dressed I just sort of stuck my arm in and pulled out this dress, so that I didn't have to have the wardrobe door open any longer than necessary.

And, it worked out pretty well.

I got this dress years ago, from the Kate Moss for TopShop Collection. I love it - despite the fact that it is polyester (it is the only 100% poly thing I own). I'm pretty much anti-polyester. The stuff makes me itch, and it is terrible to wear in warm weather.

But for this dress, and it's lovely print...I forgave the polyester.


The jacket is Levis, the shoes are vintage, and the wood heart necklace was a souvenier gift from Mario, from when we visited the Redwood National Park. It is made from redwood resin/bark- from fallen pieces of the trees.


  1. Oh no kitten!
    As long as she doesn't chew the clothes, right?

    We had a strange kitty visitor today. Just showed up in the yard this morning, and I went over and said hello, and it followed me back to the porch, and didn't leave. At 10 pm I still heard it meowing. It looked taken care of, but didn't seem to want to go home. Chloe was in a state all day.

  2. Lovely dress!

    I don't like polyester too, but when I find a vintage dress or blouse with a lovely print, it's often made of poly and I can't resist.


  3. the dress is so pretty! gosh I wish we had a Topshop closer...I visited one in London last yr and they had the barbara hulanicki stuff, it was so pretty, but so expensive.

  4. It's such a pretty dress! In thrift stores i'm always drawn to the slightly weird polyester dress rack and i have to try hard not to buy them, as i never end up wearing them!

  5. Thank you all : )

    Eli- I bought this dress in London, I do wish there was a west coast topshop but NYC gets all the shops. This dress was a splurge but a lot less tha the other kate moss stuffs :)

    Lyddie-poor chloe! I can't wait until we get a puppy , but she or he will have to learn to like cats.

    Ena and Kathy- it is hard. I have the worst time at thrift shops because so many poly dresses have amazing prints. I usually get them if they are a blend of poly and cotton. but that is rare it seems.