Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting to know ... Chic on the Cheap

I started this blog back in February, and it has been so much fun. I have enjoyed getting the chance to meet new friends over this Internet thang' (and even a few of you in person). It's been great learning about the things that interest all of you. Honestly, you are all amazing! I'd like to thank all of you for making this such a great experience. I still remember the excitement of getting my first comment (I really didn't think anyone but friends and family would read anything I posted).

My first follower and commenter was Lyddie of Chic on the Cheap. She really has a wonderful eye for styling and photography -and she's talented with a needle and thread - her blog posts and outfits always amaze me - oh! and she is also super sweet. I recently had the great pleasure of doing an online interview with her about her style and blog - that I would like to share here. Lyddie also, interviewed me about La Fille D'Or. That interview in now Chic on the Cheap, and will soon be up my 'About' page as well.

The Cropped Jacket

Thank you Lyddie!

What is your earliest clothing/fashion related moment (be it good or bad) that you can remember. Did this have any affect on your current outlook on style?

I think I was about seven when I threw a temper-tantrum about having nothing to wear. It was December, and I wanted to wear something festive. My wonderful older brother decided to record it; letting my sobs of not having "anything Christmasy to wear" torment me for weeks. Perhaps I've let my closet grow so exponentially to avoid those moments of feeling like I have nothing to wear.

When/why did you decide to start Chic on the Cheap?

Chic on the Cheap will be two next month, and I started it to have a bit of a creative outlet with a deadline. Since I wasn't in school anymore, I wasn't taking photos, I wasn't writing - Just work and shopping.I wanted to have something that would force me to get back into more creative habits. I never imagined having readers other than family and friends - but I love it!

You always have the best fashion scores, when did you first become lured by the 'art of the deal'?

When I realized I couldn't afford the clothes that I loved! A sixteen year old's part time job at minimum wage will not get you very far.I would often lust after items that were too far out of my price range, and I began developing ways to get them for less. The first skirt I ever made was my own $10 recreation of a $50 skirt I'd seen in the Mall. Then I discovered ebay (it used to be way better) and I started buying all my jeans there for $3 - $10!And of course, the more money I saved, the more new things I could try.

Who are your personal style icons / what does personal style mean to you?

Personal style is a celebration of oneself. I'm not trying to hide in my clothes, I'm not ashamed of who I am or what my body looks like. I've found that clothes are a gateway, to conversations, to friendships, to events that might even change your life in someway.

The white dress, refreshed

If you could be the heroine in any book- which one would you be?

I know comics aren't really a book, but I think I'd like to be Lois Lane; she's smart, independent, and could always take care of herself. Sure, after she met Superman she needed a fair amount of rescuing, but that was really more his fault that supervillians kept trying to hold her hostage. And it was a small trade off to have Clark Kent as a boyfriend.

If you got a ticket to go anywhere in the world where would you go?
There are so many places I have yet to scratch off my list, and since I'm assuming this ticket is first class, I'd go to Japan. I've wanted to go since high school - to see Tokyo and Kyoto, and "Watch the Sunday Gang in Harajuku", as Bell & Sebastian would say... And go to an anime convention there, which would probably be amazing.


  1. You both had great interviews - thanks for letting us take a peek into each other's lives a bit! Love your blogs.

  2. I love this! A little more in depth glimpse of a blogger we all know well, but even better now! Cool.

  3. hooray for milestones! Love her blog, she's super sweet!

  4. she has such a feminine style! amazing interview - great job!