Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Heat Waves. 'It' Gurls...

The weather has gone extreme here in the bay area. I went from wearing a coat around town, to being sprawled out in my oven like apartment in tank tops and shorts. Overnight it went from the 60's to the high 90's, fun. I love warm weather but this is insane - we had zero time to acclimate. Oh well.

Here is what I wore to work on day one of the heatwave (Monday).

Heatin' up outside!

From my closet: Shrug - via Anthro, Dress - Steven Alan via local boutique, Necklace - vintage, Shoes - oldies but goodies Charlotte Ronson, Sunnies - Cheap Monday

Maybe it's because of the heat, but the past few days I've been in full hair cut wanting mode. Mario wants me to go for it - he really likes short hair, but I'm still being very indecisive.

It's the same old story- that you may be sick of hearing!

I may do something in between. It's funny because I 'googled' for mid-length and bob hairstyles and I came up with many photos of so called 'it' girls like Alexa Chung, and Laurel Pantin.

Not that I'd cut my just hair to be trendy, but these ladies look amazing and it's giving me hair envy!

alexa_cheung[1] club-monaco-fall-2010-op[1]


  1. just read your interview-nice to "meet' you. I love your style! I'm saving you to my Google Reader. stay cool-I had no idea there was a heat wave in the bay area! My in-laws live there.

  2. Ahhhh the hair dilemna...i'm always indecisive. You know what i always worry about? That when i'm older and quite grey I will probably cut my hair in shorter styles, so i try and rationalise that i have a small amount of time left for longer tresses! Those cuts ARE lovely though.

  3. I've considered cutting my hair soooo many times, but it always boils down to one thing: If I can't pull it back in a bun or braid on a day when I don't feel like styling it, forget about it.

    Gals who don short hair and have to style it every morning have a higher level of commitment to a style than I ever will. Not to mention regular cutting maintenance. I'm all about passing a pair of scissors to a friend I trust and having her trim an inch or two.

    But I still envy those short looks, and I think you should go for it.

  4. I'm with you on the hair cutting, but instead been living with messy buns. You can totally rock the Alexa Chung look!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  5. I've just found your blog & became a follower :)

    I think your hair is goregous as it is but i'm sure it would be gorgeous shorter too.

    Love this look by the way, perfect for the summer xo

  6. I kind of have this haircut, a little shorter, though, and I'm actually really happy with it! Just came over from Chic on the Cheap (I love Lyddie!), happy to find you and happy to be your newest follower! XX!

  7. gorgeous look, very cute picture(: love your style!
    I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

  8. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments. Glad to know we all have our 'hair' moments!

  9. I always think short hair is so cute on others but I am kicking myself for cutting off my long hair last year. Now I want it back!

    Ultimately it's just hair, though, so why not follow a whim? Especially if your husband likes it!

  10. I never heard about Wendy Bevan but I saw some of her photographs (after I saw your comment) and her photos are AMAZING, although they're just the opposite from Annie, less crazy and more minimalistic. thank you for telling me about her!(:

    oh, and I'm following you!!

  11. You would look great with both those hair styles (you look great with the one you have now). I have shorter hair now and I actually got it cut well so I don't have to style it everyday (it's very wash and wear, and I occasionally, I use some hair glue). I just depends on the texture of your hair and cowlicks. You seem to have somewhat wavy and thicker hair, so these shorter styles might not be too much work.
    My fella likes short hair too. Isn't it funny, that there's a stereotype that men all like long hair? He likes long hair, but he thinks shorter hair is more stylish and edgy.

  12. Cute outfit. So romantic!

  13. Ohh have you decided if you are going to go for it? I get so scared going to the hairdresser, even if it's just for a fringe trim! xx