Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mad Mod World

It's been one of those weeks. I've literally had zero time to sit down and do a post. What with the catching up from Vacation and with preparing for family coming to visit it's been a bit tough.

There has been some fun thrown in the mix as well, last Sunday I got to spent the day in San Francisco with Kathy of 5-6-7-8. We wandered a bit around Golden Gate park, visited the California Academy of Sciences, and ventured off to view the Golden Gate Bridge. Kathy is amazingly sweet and the whole day was a lot of fun- albeit chilly! I will post some pictures soon, but as of yet I haven't uploaded most of them from my camera, and I do not have any outfit posts to share either, but there is this...


Back in the days of high school I was really really into Britpop/rock. Not just Blur and Elastica, but anything to do with the British Invasions of the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's from -The Who to Sweet, to The Stone Roses. It was a bit much really. I cut my hair short and ran around the city in mini dresses and patent knee boots. I also began collecting records and posters and books, one of which is this amazing gem.






The book has articles on Mod fashion, music, hair styling, and the dance hall and drug culture. Pretty interesting that the idea of 'youth culture' was sort of this unheard of phenomena at the time. The interviews with the 'Mods' in the book are interesting as well- just to get the viewpoint/ experiences of young people living in that time.

And, now I am reminded of that Pixies song ' subbacultcha'.

Did any of you belong to a sort of subculture group/clique in high school? Goth, Punk, Prep?
I'm curious to know.


  1. It has been so long since anyone mentioned The Stone Roses i am so very happy you did! I caught onto them in the 90s...but seems noone else in NZ did! Reminds me of some crazy days. I went to an allgirls private school...and I think in that kind of environment girls naturally break off into "groups". It wasn't a clique-y type thing, just happened organically. I was naughty and smoked behind the science block and handed in all of my assignments late - but was also high achieving in athletics and the swimteam. A juxtaposition student.

  2. I haven't listened to the Stone Roses or the Pixies in quite sometime...
    And I bet you looked really cute with your short hair!

    I also wore mini skirts with knee high boots in high school, only with neon tights underneath and anime tee shirts on top. Sometimes I really miss Anime Club - actually it was called Asian Awareness, but we just watched anime and planed field trips to China Town. One year we made a dragon and paraded around the school on Chinese New Year.

  3. I think the mini dresses and knee boots sound really cute!

    I remember being really into britpop too, although when that started to fade i turned into a bit of a goth and wore only black for about 3 years. I guess it solved all the problems of colour co-ordination but i ended up feeling a bit trapped by the whole thing and only started dressing differently when i moved to London.

    Oh and i need to upload my photos from the day too- i was kind of trying to keep things in order (so that when i looked back later on i could remember everything) but i'm getting a bit impatient now so might mix it up a bit! xx