Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wicked Californian

Hurrah, it's Saturday. I've been feeling loads better since the return of our trip, I think it's because I've been 'juicing'. Yes, this is how hippie dippy Californian I've become. Though I think I should have realized this happening as I slowly traded in my 'wickeds' for 'totallys'.

I've held off being sucked into any kind of tubular surf culture (there's sharks out there you know!) and I've not gone Berkeley farms granola crunchy berkinstock sandals gaga. Believe me, that won't happen, but I do think that I've grown to be more west coast than east coast - (whatever that means!) While I'll always be a city girl (despite my odd fascination with small towns) I have become more outdoorsy, and I like that things seem more relaxed/laid back out here.

Oh the stereo types! I do have to say one thing that I have not found to be true is that people are nicer/friendlier out here- maybe in the aforementioned small towns (but isn't that universal?)
Funny story- the last time I was back east, in New York actually, I had people help me lift/carry/pull my large suitcase through turnstiles, up and down subway steps, onto trains all the way from the airport to the upper west side. Maybe something about -small lady HUGE suitcase just screams "help!" - But everyone was so nice. My boss's reaction to that was - "you're lucky you didn't get robbed." (?)

Anyway, that story maybe didn't have a point. Oh well, here are some CA photos from the drive home from Oregon where we drove right by Mt. Shasta.


And, through this little town in the foothills - with this great theater!


And, here is what I wore yesterday to catch up on work mostly- I don't know how people can take extra extra long vacations, catch up work, and the fact that things get mixed up while you're gone is so stressful! Maybe it's just my east coast type A coming out - that I feel the need to be in control of everything with my work.


From my closet : Blazer- gap (you know to add a professional flair) Top -Zara Slouchy chambray trousers - Genetic Denim. gift. Shoeses - vintage - Via Action is the Fruit on Etsy.

Today I'm off to hang out with the world's coolest kid (fun) and later to do some laundry (not so fun)

Oh! Some new things. I will soon be adding recipes and such for things I make in the 'Eats' section that's by the header - And hopefully more music to the 'Sounds' playlist. If only there were more time in a day!

Have a great Saturday!


  1. When ever I've been schlepping a huge suitcase throughout public transportation, I've always gotten help from strangers - I figure they'd have to be crazy to try and mug me in public.

    Love the blazer, it does work so well with the stripes

  2. oh my in Europe the metros were so winding and you have to carry your suitcase up and down all the time, it was awful. I just came back from a two week trip and Im scared to go back to work Tuesday!

  3. It's funny, you hear that one area is really awful, only to go there an have a wonderful experience; or that another is wonderful, only to got there and have an awful experience.

    I always loved New York, the people there were nice to me, and I never had a problem.

    Cute outfit too. Love the blazer and slouchy pants.


  4. lovely photos! cali and oregon are soo beautiful. i love the stripes with the blazer, so cute xx

  5. Oh, i've just been looking through all your photos from your trip, they are amazing (and it's really making me want to go on a road trip- even more than i wanted too before!)

    It was really great meeting you on Sunday, and i had a great time wandering aroung oakland and berkley on Monday so thanks for the suggestions! I have terrible jet lag today though, and i am dreading having to go back to work....