Monday, August 30, 2010


Last night was a bad night. I just could not get to sleep. Mario was up late - that kept me up. The kitten decided it would be fun to jump on my head every five minutes - so, that kept me up - and just when I felt like I started to get to sleep - the alarm goes off. I did what any sane human would do and hit the snooze - only to wake up way too late, put my eyeliner on in a crooked fashion, remember that I forgot to do the laundry so I had nada to wear. Yet, somehow I made it to work only 12 minutes late. Joy. I could use a vegan donut to go with my coffee this morning. And, it's gonna be one of those cup after cup after cup of coffee a.m.'s.

Pictures from Sunday - 'cuz that's my fun day...


Hyper kitten.





From my closet: Dress-vintage, Cardi - Anthro. And, the usual suspects.


  1. Bummer about the bad night. I swear, there is something weird going on with the moon or something, because I also had a bit of a rough evening (we were awoken to smoke and fire engine at 5AM).
    But your outfit is just beautiful. Love the sailboats. And your kitty! Getting so big (in a good way).

  2. Okay, there's definitely something going on because I also had nocturnal cat issues and a poor night of sleep!

    You look pulled together and lovely though!

  3. Cats are jerks, but they're such cute jerks that they can get away with anything! Regardless of cat harassment, you look adorable. I love the sailboat dress!

  4. Oh i love the dress! I always have nightmares that i'm going to sleep through my alarm, or turn it off by mistake! And thats for the birthday wishes, i have so much left over, i have never seen so many cakes in my life! xx

  5. My dog was extra loud and whiny last night - what was going on with everyone's animals last night that they didn't want us to sleep? Hope all of the coffee helped and that you had a good Monday anyway :)

  6. love the dress!
    my 80 pound dog sleeps on my legs at night...

  7. I hate days like that, I have them all too often!
    Your dress is adorable

  8. Awww, you don't like being jumped on? Well that's just how she shows love! And demands food!

    I hate long nights and early mornings, hope you get some rest tonight!!!

    (and now I'm wanting some sailboat apparel in the worst way, even more so than before with my cardigan lust)

  9. Thanks all : ) this dress is cute but not quite comfy its made out of a scratchy cotton. The day was fine -though I had a hard time staying awake at times : )

  10. My husband got himself a dresser for our new house and it turns out that instead of it being his dresser, it is a play place for the cats! They are all older too. We had to lock them out of the bedroom last night so he could sleep lol. I did miss my kitty snuggles though.

  11. i looove your dress! you look so cute.

  12. You made it through the day! Coffee is the best thing sometimes, isn't it? Really, it's the best part of my day most days...