Friday, September 3, 2010

A Different Kind of Fall Wishlist

Let me start by stating the obvious - I love clothes, and I do love getting new clothes. However, as of late I'm not loving the fact that shopping for ALL NEW things every season - is kind of being shoved down my throat?In my face? I mean sure fine - you may need some things for back to school - or if you live somewhere that will get cold you may need some new cold weather items. But, it seems everywhere you turn there are ads or editorials telling us what the "must have" items are, and that oh you know, spending upwards of $500 on a coat is fine- it's an investment piece after all... I guess I just don't see it that way. Par example- I'd much rather take my $500, buy a $100 coat and go away for a weekend with the hubs with the rest of the dough- or you know actually invest/ and or save that cash.

I guess that's why I love the blogs I read- seriously it's about learning to take these new fall styles and gain inspiration from them. I love to look at fall collections to get ideas on how to style items I already have. It's fun. And, I'm looking forward to seeing how different bloggers will dress for the season.

I will not fall victim to the wardrobe re-creation syndrome that abounds with the changing of the seasons.

Lately I'm all about experiences in life and not the materials. Though I cannot kill off that acquisition-al side of me (yes, I will always like shopping) I do want to put that secondary to enjoying things that are not so tangible.

So for this Fall I will not make a traditional 'Wish List' instead, here is what I wish for...

1. Crisp, yet sunny days to enjoy long walks in and around my part of town.

2. More time to spend with Mario -where we aren't just running errands together or doing chores.

3. For my sister to come and visit me from Los Angeles.

4. More time to spend doing things that are well, good for me- like working out.

5. For my kitteh to stop waking me up throughout the night with her trademark head pounce and nuzzle technique.

What are you wishing for this fall?


  1. I feel the same way, what a great post and form of thought. Not only is it not sensible, it's impossible! This is my pet peeve about fashion magazines, they push consumerism instead of using what you already have.

    as for the kitty, from my experience, they never stop once they start. my kitten is now two and she STILL does it most nights, we used to have to lock her in the laundry room with her litter, food and water. But I just dont have the heart to anymore!

    I'm looking forward to just being able to wear a damn coat!

  2. Wow, what a great list! I agree that reading blogs helps me get ideas for how to style the stuff I already own - I've bought a few new essentials for fall, simply because the stuff I have from the past few falls is too big for me (not that I'm complaining there).

    I'm wishing for the beautiful fall weather that the Midwest usually gets, but that Chicago was seriously lacking last year. It rained a lot of last fall, which is no way for me to enjoy my favorite season.

    I also wish for warm, cozy Sunday dinners with family and friends, since cooking up fall favorites is one of the best parts of the season for me.

  3. My husband and I are heading to Lake Superior for a couple days, so I am wishing that the fall colors will be spectacular while we're there.

  4. WORD!

    I love clothes but I also find it really boring if you never do anything IN them.

  5. Non fall? An extra month of summer? Hahahaha...

    Well, since it's coming regardless of my feelings, I hope that it stays nice and dry so when the leaves fall they will be colorful and crunchy.

    I hope I make lots of apple pies and other baked goods since turning on the oven will be welcomed rather than unbearable.

    And I hope to get some cute oxfords.

    I'm with Jesse anne o -- I have too many cute clothes I never do anything in and I want that to change!

  6. It's great that you're looking into reinventing your wardrobe by just styling what you have differently.

    I've been getting into this (since winter is fast approaching) knit my own sweater kick. Which means I do have to invest in yarn and what not, but I get to make something myself. Which is always nice. Besides, I never really invested in winter attire, since we really didn't have real winters where I live. It's only recently that we've been seeing actual snow and super cold weather.

    I hope to be able knit some really cool stuff this year, and write a few good short stories. And, also, to help my boyfriend attain all his goals while doing the same myself.

  7. I agree with you seasons/wardrobe front. I really hate the endless articals about new season 'must haves' but the winter ones are def the worst as they come out when you're still hoping to be wearing sundresses (or at least sundresses with tights) and the last thing you want to see is heavy winter coats!

  8. I'm wishing to find make it back to the States for some pumpkin spice latte from satrbucks, but clothes shopping is always a huge bonus!!!I agree with you and the seasons and wardrobe thing though.
    hope you had a lovely weekend and Labor Day!