Monday, September 6, 2010

Electric Youth

It's been a sleepy weekend. Just me and Mario (and the fur babies). Nothing too exciting - yet it was just perfect.


This is what I wore around on Saturday - to go on an excursion to Target, and to go get my bangs trimmed.

It kind of reminded me of this...

Yep, it's Debbie Gibson. Hello late 80's early 90's.

I used to rock my fair share of vests back in ye olde elementary school days. Though I'm not sure of this was Debbie inspired or not.

It's kind of funny looking at Ms. Gibson's album cover photos because many of the looks,

like this one, are pretty current, the striped top, the distressed denim, the oxford shoes...

Just not that permed frosted hair!

Alexa Chung in the Virgin Mobile Louder Lounge at the V Festival on August 19, 2007 in Chelmsford, England.club-monaco-laurel-pantin[1]


From my closet: Oxford type shirt - J Crew,Vest - UO? Skirt - vintage / shortened, Belt- UO
Shoes - vintage via action is the fruit on Etsy.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. This outfit is gorgeous, I love the skirt and the shoes and your hair looks great, I really need my fringe cutting. Have a great week xxx


  2. Debbie Gibson's style is definitely coming back. I wasn't nearly as well-dressed in the 80's, so I'm not sure I want to repeat any of that :)

    I like your outfit though - I can see similarities with the one from the 80's, but it's definitely more modern.

  3. You and Bailey are adorable - she's so big!

    I'm one for lazy weekends that you can savor. And vests. I like vests, they add an extra layer like a cardigan or blazer but without the bulkyness.

  4. You look adorable. I'm loving the vest and that patterned skirt. Your Bailey reminds me of one of my cats, Heathcliff. They look like they could have been twins.

  5. I love the skirt and the vest. Great layers.

  6. Wow, it's crazy how many fashionable Debbie Gibson pictures you found with perfect modern ones to match! I think the vest/oxford combo is perfect for fall!

  7. THanks everyone. : ) It's really funny how many of the 'trends' from the early 90's are coming back. Let's just hope that Uber permed hair, frosted tips and crunchy hairspray hair never make an appearance!

  8. Your blog is just darling!!! I absolutely love the print on the shirt!

    -Weezy from http://beautysimplistic.blogspot.com