Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stripes, Streets, Cities

I hope that everyone has been having a great week. Though this has been an alright work week - I am still anxious for the weekend. I am hoping to get over to the city and do some eating in the mission. A co-worker told me about a fantastic little empanada shop, Chile Lindo, that makes vegan empanadas. I was told they are pretty amazing and I can't wait to try one!

I may do some window shopping at Belljar as well, you know, since I'll be in the neighborhood. They have such cute housewares!

I'll most likely wear a cold weather version of this outfit I wore on Labor Day. As, yes the days have turned grey and chilly yet again, and I'm on a mission to wear all my stripes shirts this month.


I bought this little top in Paris...ah Paris...

I just got back the black and white photos I took on my last trip there (there were some in there of Belgium, and Engand, and of the mopey ex-beau as well) I had the roll of film sitting around for years - since 2004! That could be why only some of the pictures came out. They are also quite faded, but it makes them look like vintage so I don't mind so much.

The photos have made me feel the itch to travel. And, while I am going to NYC for my birthday in October - I can't wait to take a trip out of the country- Maybe Paris again - maybe Buenos Aires or a trip to Rome. It's hard to decide!


(Paris of Course)







Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world? Or, is there one certian place on the globe that you keep going back to?


  1. I want to go to Norway, but haven't talked my husband into it yet.

  2. Beautiful pictures. You took them?
    I always want to go back to Berlin, but haven't figured out a good reason for this yet.

  3. It's so weird to think that we were all using cameras with actual film in them so recently. These pictures turned out beautifully!

    Since I've (sadly) never been out of the U.S., I would go anywhere. I'd love to see Ireland, France, Italy, Germany and Greece. To name a few :)

  4. THanks ladies : )
    @ Rad yes I took these and am so surprised that some of thee shots came out so well - because I was walking around quickly just snapping at anything : )

    @ Anne oh Ireland!I've never been but would love to go and to Italy as well - gosh just for the food!

  5. @ Rebecca - Yeah I'm having a hard time convincing the hubs to go somehere off the beaten path in South America or Asia.

  6. Mmmmm vegan empanadas. I'm so hungry.

    I would like to go to Italy, Sweden, France, Finland, Madagascar, New Zealand, Sydney/Australia, Montreal and Ontario/Canada, Tokyo/Japan...and maybe somewhere in China?

  7. @ Jesse - I know I'm so hungry too! Almost lunch time : ) Sweden is amazing you have to go!

  8. Those pictures from your trip look so good. I bet you had a blast when you were there.

    Love the outfit too. Very nautical. Can't wait to see the fall version of it.


  9. Your photos are just fabulous! I love finding an old roll of film and getting the surprise photos back. It's really hard to find places who will develop black and white now!!

    Anywhere... how about everywhere? I would love to see Madrid and London and Paris and even some places here in the US like San Fransisco and Seattle and Portland....

  10. Love these pictures, and it's just reminded me that i've got a couple of films lying around that i really need to develope. I just seam to have the worst luck with actual film- none of my pics ever come out!

    I've always wanted to go to Russia, i think it's from watching Dr Zhivago as a child...or maybe it's just the lack of snow we had when i was growing up, who knows!

  11. I really like your blog and the photos are amazing!
    check out mine!

  12. Cute outfit! While on holiday I missed these great posts. Also, thank you for being so sweet and wishing us well (regarding the earthquake!); thankfully none of my family or friends were hurt.

  13. Your photographs of Paris make me want to go back so badly! I like that your images have a vintage quality to them. I was surprised to read you took them yourself, I thought they were vintage postcards from the '60's!