Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Heather my love, there's a new Sheriff in town."

The title of this post is from the Movie Heathers. I really don't know why I started thinking about this movie today (and the other Christin Slater teen angsty pic Pump Up The Volume) I think I may need to watch them again soon.

Here are some photos from Heathers showcasing some pretty great Debbie Gibson era styles...

I kinda love Veronica's (Winonoa Ryder's) leggings and vest top outfit and that make-up!)
I will however, take a pass on schrunchies as hair accessories.


  1. Heathers and Pump Up the Volume... So good. Christian Slater was a total babe. Now he's just kind of creepy...

  2. hahaha yes! him and Christian Bale - now they are both just give out the creepster vibes
    : )

  3. as if I didnt need a kick in the butt to finally watch this movie!

  4. I've never seen heathers and your the second person to post about it recently, I really aut? Out? (how do you spell that?) to add it to my queue.

    I don't miss shoulder pads or schrunchiies, but I'll take a plaid blazer please.

  5. Out of all of them, she had the best wardrobe in this movie.