Saturday, October 9, 2010

New England Girls

When ever fall rolls around to the west coast. I start to get a bit homesick for the Atlantic coast. I am definitively a New England girl at heart, and always will be no matter where in this world I go, or where I end up living.

I do miss Autumn in New England, the days spent apple picking in New Hampshire (McIntosh apples are the best!) Canoeing at the lake surrounded by all those colors when the leaves change. Riding bikes with my sister to the General store for Maple candies - bundled up in cable knit sweaters. There was always that crispness in the air. I miss days in the city riding the green line out to the museum, wandering around Coolidge corner, exploring bookstores, tea and pastries at the cafe, and walking home at sunset over leaf strewn streets holding hands.

While I can't just pick up and go home whenever I want, I can read some of these great Boston area blogs...

Beyond Boston Chic
Orchid Grey
A Stylized Hysteria
Poppy & Leo
Looks and Books


  1. Awwwww....homesick! You make New England sound beautiful btw. I'm going to check out those blogs now.

  2. I love Orchid Grey! She has such great style.

  3. Today was definitely one of those days. Not to rub it in, but I was truly happy when I walked out the door this afternoon. Only a handful of trees have started to turn, but we are already on our second gallon of locally made apple cider.

  4. Oh, you made me homesick for Boston and Vermont! Sometimes I wonder why I ever moved away, especially in the fall . . .

  5. thanks so much for mention poppy & leo on your awesome blog! you're right, there is nothing like new england in the fall!

  6. I was in Boston in the fall about 10 years ago, and it was just gorgeous! Although, as a lifelong Midwestern girl, I love fall here too - everything is vivid oranges and yellows here now, which looks beautiful set against our cloud-free bright blue skies.

  7. Thanks for the Looks & Books shout out! I totally understand the Boston nostalgia--I just moved to NYC 2 months ago, and though it's not far, it seems like it sometimes.