Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to Pack for NYC last minute.

I leave for NYC Thursday morning (my birthday whoo!) Seriously, I feel like such the jet setter- our plane arrives in New York in the early evening, we check into our hotel, and then it's off to dinner where we have reservations at Blossom. I'm beyond excited, but I also at a loss as to what the heck to pack. There is something intimidating about packing for New York - I really try not to let these things get to me but, it is a fashion city - it's where all those impossibly chic street photos are taken you know, the ones where every guy and gal looks like a model. And, much like LA, I feel that people in NYC actually notice what other people are wearing. At least when I visit in LA I can haul a bunch of clothes down with me, or borrow my sister's stuff.

The question is, why do I feel wardrobe challenged/nervous when traveling to these two destinations- since I usually don't care about being super on trend - or wearing the latest and 'of the moment' designer duds ? I'm being ridiculous I know, but I can't help it. NY, LA, you guys are too hip for me. * Seriously you city girls have got great style that I really admire, and get great inspiration from.

I've got one day left and I haven't even thought about what to bring until now.

I know I'll need comfy shoes and I was advised to bring a coat - I will also need two dinner dresses (for two fancy dinners) and something that is appropriate to wear when we go apple picking Sunday afternoon. Oh, and a Halloween Costume of sorts (I'm thinking of going as Wednesday Adams) - Is this too much?

How do you decide what to pack? Do you have a strategy? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  1. It has been WARM here lately - like high 60's! It's supposed to move to 50's day/40's night towards Friday though. So, bring layers.

  2. @ Jesse - Layers yes! Thanks!
    @Eli - flat boots check- I just hope the soles survive the streets there!

  3. crumbum- I realize I accidentally published this post before I was done with it oops!

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great time in New York, and you always look super stylish so i'm sure you'll blend right in with all the new yorkers!

    I am so terrible at packing, i always end up with a bunch of stuff that doesn't match! xx

  5. Oh, I hope you have a great trip! I'm from such a small town, and lately I've been just jones-ing for a big city vacation. The good thing about being in high fashion cities is that it's an anything-goes environment! You'll pull it off beautifully, no matter what you wear!

  6. Hummm, how did i miss this post?
    actually I was thinking i was missing one, but wasn't looking since I knew you were away.

    Anyway, I know how you feel about wanting to look your best when you are out in the city and people are noticing. And there is such a issue because you outfit needs to be so many things.
    You need shoes you can walk in. If you are going shopping and want to try things on, it's a pain if it's going to take 20 minutes to get your clothes on and off, and you need your clothes to be functional as well (like not wearing a coat that has no pockets).
    So packing is always a stressful thing.
    But it looks like you did okay :)

  7. It's too bad that big cities make us freak out about what to wear. Why are all the small towns fashion frumpville? The uniform here is shapeless jeans, white tennis shoes, baggy appliqued sweatshirt and stadium coat, preferable teal or mauve. They take these coats to the dry cleaners for repair--probably worth a dollar at Goodwill. I think in days gone by people in small towns had more dignity and would dress more fashionably. But now we are so conditioned by sloppiness around us that it's a major paradigm shift to pack for a big city. When in doubt wear black? I think blogs can be a tad deceiving, though. I was basing my wardrobe for Paris on blogs and was packing too many bright colors until I got some advice from a former Parisian. The French are very quiet in both their demeanor and their attire--not just black, but dark, muted grey, brown and olive was what I saw. Good thing I didn't take up room in my suitcase with those glaring mustard cords!