Saturday, October 23, 2010



Hello Leggings! I do not usually wear leggings as pants. But after reading this post at Chic on the Cheap - I thought I'd give it a try. They are really super comfortable. I wore this outfit to work the whole day doc reviewing, and since I was standing over a conference room table the whole day it was a good choice.

After work we headed over to pick up a movie from our local video place (yeah, I know netflix is super easy) but I feel like we've got to support these places guys! Our local video store peeps - know us by name - can talk to us about movies in depth and - oh yeah they allow people to bring their dogs in to the store so I lOVE being able to make friends with new pups.

Also, the walk there is always nice - we get to go through the little side streets of our city and see things like this beautiful persimmon tree:


I'm now off to start my Saturday - it's going to rain this whole weekend which I'm kind of liking.
Perfect weather for a pumpkin curry.


  1. we've been having cloudy skies here in Las Vegas too, pre fall cause it's still nice enough to not wear tights but Ive been wearing sweaters which is a big step forward. We even had some rain.

    Something about the rain makes staying home seem so romantic! I've got to find my blankets now!

  2. Mmmm long cardigans are so nice. I have one long enough to pass for a dress, which is fun. I especially love the pointelle knit.

    Our local video store went out of business. You couldn't bring your puppy into it though. The local block buster is still limping along, but their selections outside of new releases are slim pickings. Plus, every time we went in there to rent something we ended up buying 4 previously viewed movies instead, because it seemed like a better deal to get 4 movies for $20 than to rent 1 movie for $5.
    Hence, the switch to netflix.

  3. I'm guilty of Netflixing (I can't help it; I love it so much), but all our local video rental places except Blockbuster are gone. I haven't stepped foot in a good video place since college, where the local store was stocked with the best old movies. I'm glad you've still got one in your neck of the woods; you're lucky! Good for you for supporting it!

    I've never had a persimmon. Are they tasty?

  4. Ah I know what you mean. I'm not a big leggings-as-pants person. I think if the top if long enough though it's fine. You look super cute!

  5. Pumpkin curry sounds amazing and perfect for the rainy weather we're having in Northern Michigan, too. And, I feel the same way about local book stores that you feel about video stores. It's such a shame to see these locally owned businesses close. While the Internet is convenient, nothing beats walking into a shop and having the owner know you and recommend something just for your taste.
    Oh, and your sweater? Super love!


  6. I agree, you have to support local business!