Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 for 30

Don't you just love rainy Sunday mornings? Sleeping in - drinking coffee - breakfast toast with Pumpkin Butter - lounging in Jammies and petting the kittehs. I wish more mornings were lazy. When I was in college on days like this I would put on my best Lou Reed look- black boots, black jeans and striped tee- and head the door, my short bob-do tucked behind my ears, to read at the local coffee shop, sit by the window and just listen to the rain. I wish I could do that for today.

But, there are chores to be done, and work to catch up on.

Also, I am participating in the Fall 30 for 30 Challenge

We'll see how this goes as I notoriously fall off the wagon in these challenges. I'm easily seduced by the other clothing hanging in my closet, and it's hard to be faithful to a challenge. Let alone one that is for 30 days- yikes! Not mention that those 30 days include holiday gatherings to attend. But, I'm going for it with gusto, and hoping for the best.

I tried to take some quick snap shots of my picks for the challenge but the lighting in our bedroom is pretty dim when there is no sun coming through the windows. I have links to where I've worn items before- and to some of the pictures I took this morning that looked okay.

1. Tall Brown Boots
2. Tall Black Boots
3. Vintage Brown Booties
4. Vintage Black Oxfords
5. Black Target Flats

6. Vintage Paisley Button up
7. Trovata Floral Button up
8. Suzabelle Ivory Blouse
9. Vintage Gap Floral Button up
10. J Crew Chambray Button up
11. F 21 Chambray Flouncy Top
12. Eskell Bunny Blouse

13. Black Generra Mini
14. Zara High Waist Khaki Skirt

15. UO Animal Print Dress
16. Crispin & Basilio Dress
17. APC Navy Button Down Dress

18. Top Shop High Waist Black Jeans
19. Vintage Green High Waist Trousers
20. Brown Zara Trousers
21. Genetic Denim Chambray Trousers
22. Ankle Zip J Brand Jeans
23. Black Trousers

24. Gap Grandpa Cardigan
25. Black Splendid Cardigan
26. Brown Wrap/Cardi

27. Long Sleeved Dusty Pink Tee
28. Grey Antler Tee
29. Black and White Stripe Alexander Wang Tee
30. APC striped long sleeved tee

Some Rainy Day Music


  1. Oh, i really like the idea of this challenge. It's definitely easier to pick an exciting outfit when you have less to choose from!

    I've been so behind on blog reading for the past week i've just been looking through all of your NY photos- it looks like you had a great time- and i really really want to book a trip there soon xx

  2. Good luck! I already have thoughts of cheating just a little bit for Thanksgiving. Would that be the worst thing ever? I mean, I'm hosting dinner at my apartment, so I should probably look nice. Right? So yeah, I'm worried about falling off the wagon too.

    It's been bright and sunny here all day, but I like the rainy day music nonetheless :)

  3. oooo, exciting, look forward to the pics. Lazy rainy days...i remember those fondly (lazy is no longer compatible with rainy days if you add in my two children!). Isn't "Lola" one of the most timeless tunes ever.

  4. Good luck with the 30 for 30 - it seems like a lot more people are joining in for this round; but still not me ;) I don't think I could stick to it!

    Love your rainy day music!

  5. hello fellow 30 for 30 remixer! good luck, i look forward to following your mixes! :)