Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting Home After Dark

I took on the 30 for 30 Challenge, but I didn't count on one big obstacle to actually posting photos- it now is dark by the time I get home from work. And, since I don't have time to take a quick snapshot in the morning- I'll only be able to post photos on weekends and days off.

I can always just tell you what I've thrown together for the day, but that's not really all that fun.
Oh winter, dang you!

While I don't have to contend with mounds of snow and freezing temperatures, this time of the year still can be a downer. It's tough to go the day without taking in any fresh air or sunlight. Plus, the early nightfall really gets me feeling tired and unmotivated. I start to drink a lot of tea and coffee to get by.

How do you cope with the winter blahs?

Here is what I wore on Sunday, this is a pre-challenge outfit. I love this Hoodie, it's warm and snug, absolutely perfect for a Bay Area winter. It doesn't usually get much colder than in the 50's, but it's this weird foggy wet cold that dampens and chills your bones. It's hard to really describe it. The weather can be like that in the summer sometimes too, but at least it doesn't get dark at 5!

Alien Face

From My Closet: Dress - Mer via Le Train Bleu, Hoodie Coat - Mike & Chris, Tights - most likely Target, Boots - old Frye.

A co-worker directed me to this:

It may only be funny if you live in San Francisco. But, I think people everywhere can relate to coffee culture, and the importance people place on finding that perfect brew.


  1. Hey La Fille, I hear you on the sun. While I don't mind cold, the lack of sunniness get me a bit (Minneapolis was really sunny in the winter and clear, so I liked Minneapolis winters quite a lot. The only time it wasn't sunny was when it snowed!) To deal, I bake things. Sweet potatoes make the house smell good. Also- baked apples, grain bakes, and Brussels sprouts!

  2. I miss sunshine too! I leave for work at 7am, so I'm happy that there's actually light out right now. But the sun starts to go down at about 4:30 here, which is totally depressing. I do my outfit photos on my work-from-home days when I can actually get decent lighting.

    I feel like Chicago winters are pretty much the worst winters anywhere (that's probably not true). It's dark and gray here a LOT, bitter cold and often icy out, so I hate leaving the house. Like Rad, I do a ton of baking and cooking in the winter. I force myself to go to the gym too, because the endorphins give me energy and help keep my spirits up a bit.

  3. - iced coffee
    - moving around/walks
    - orange juice
    - forcing myself to go out (even for an errand during lunch)
    - layering
    - soup/stew!

    I like Rad's baking idea.

  4. Oooh now that Im moving to SF in a few months Im DREADING the cold, I kind of hate it more than being hot. And the SF fog too! I've gotten rid of a lot of my wardrobe but none of my coats cause I know Im going to need them!!

  5. My heart sinks a little every time I peer out the window and see the setting sun while I'm still at work.
    The dark cold months to come do not excite me -- maybe this is why we decided to cram so many holidays during these months, an attempt to help us cope.
    And peppermint mochas help too.

    But my weekend photo taking has been working out fingers crossed I can keep it up!

  6. Yep, the hours of light definitely complicate this remix challenge. Are you still going?