Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Best Worst Fashion.

Recently I've been watching a lot of bad movies, on purpose. Yeah, I kind of have a thing for the oddball, the outrageous, the things that make you go hmm...( for a 90's reference). I like cheesy - you have to admit sometimes, things are so bad they're good. So, what have I been watching? We started out watching the documentary about Troll 2, aptly titled The Best Worst Movie.

We also went to the midnight screening of The Room, at the Piedmont theater - there is nothing like watching a bad b movie in a theater- it's like MST3k (for another 90's reference) times 10. The audience really gets into it.

Then we watched Troll 2 - again. I still can't decide which one is worse -or as I like to put it which one is more hilarity inducing.

Then I started thinking about my/our/ er, fashion's preoccupation with quirky (let's face it oddball, wacked-out trends) . If you haven't read it yet check out The Man Repeller blog. Hilariously true.

I know I've tried my share of oddball looks - so I showed the hubs the blog. His response,"... you must have desensitized me, because I don't think anything she was wearing was that bad."

Huh. Had I desensitized him to man-repelling looks?

Here are some of the Best Worst Fashion looks I've tried throughout my time documenting outfits on the interwebs.

The High Waist - the hubs hates these. HATES. Endearingly referred to as mom jeans - high waisted jeans started making a comeback in 2007 - I have to say I don't think I can ever go back to those super low slung thong exposing jeans of yesteryear.

another one70'sHMM

The Romper - Infantalizing fashion. Why do I love wearing these ode to the diaper days pieces so?

Hot out today!Easter?

My Harems - Hammer pants had their hey day - wait wait they're back! I was hesitant to try this look but was won over- they are so comfy. Hubs does not agree with me about their awesome factor.

Big BeltsWork WearP1040443

Oxfords - I have several pairs of these shoes in different colors and heel heights- but I tend to wear these a lot. How many times can you spot them on my feet?


Boy Trousers - It's official I'm boy-trouser- crazy. I'm cheating on jeans (my first love) with the boy fit trouser.

Little ItalyP1040419P1040399

And then there is this...

Blade Runner

Shoulder pads ( eat your heart out Norma, for an 80's reference) Draped - er, ruched skirt - bow head piece AND hipster 80's booties. Fun.


  1. My bf was not willing to finish watching Troll 2. We never saw the end of it.

    And yes, there are totally things he hates that I wear. When we first met I realized he hated red lipstick - SO I WORE IT CONSTANTLY. For spite? A test?

    This is a cute post! (And of course I like all of these!)

  2. I've never seen the Man Repeller before - thanks for linking, it's hilarious!

    I think your hubs is on to something with being desensitized though. I've definitely hated a lot of trends as they've come back into fashion, but they grow on me over time.

  3. I am guilty of the exact same thing here.

    But I've learned to stop caring what other people think about my drop crotch or my ugly shoes :)

    I think you look great in all of these!!

  4. I see nothing wrong with any of your choices! They all look good to me.

    And if it's bad movies you're after, try The Boat Trip. Oh man, it's awful. Worst film I've ever seen, but I still kept watching because I was laughing so hard at its badness.

  5. You know....i always think you look cute;I have to say though...that were I to try pull off some of these, I'm sure i could do the looks a lot worse. That blog is so funny!

  6. Ha, I love rompers! Who cares if they give me wedgies and make peeing nearly impossible? They're adorable!

    I'm really excited to see "The Room" next month in the theater! And if you like bad movies, might I suggest "Hard Rock Zombies"? Two words: Nazi. Werewolves.

  7. I have seen the man repeller before. sometimes i'll see an outfit and think "oh, that's cute, let me add it to my inspiration folder!"
    and then I think, "hummmm maybe i shouldn't..."

    And I also feel it's necessary to mention that "Mom Jeans" have a few distinct characteristics which put them in a separate class from other high waisted jeans.
    1. elastic band waist
    2. tapered (but not skinny)
    3. too short (band of white sock always visible between hem of pant and white sneaker)
    4. likely to be an acid wash

  8. I love all these outfits. I have come to the conclusion that my boyfriend doesn't really notice what i'm wearing, he did admit that he thought i'd worn exactly the same outfit for three dates in a row (basically i was wearing three compleatly different floral dresses- doh)x

  9. My hubby & yours would have an awesome time ignoring some of our more questionable choices. Mine cracks me up with his comments. He's hilarious, although, it's usually about me. Good thing I'm thick-skinned. Especially since I'm starting to wear things for the second time around. (Shhhh, let's pretend I didn't say that!)

  10. Ha! I do love The Man Repeller - she's so funny! Yeah, some days when I'm out in public, I realize no one else in The Real World likes my outfit but it will be a blog hit! It's okay, as long as I like it, I am fine with repelling strangers!

  11. Hi, fellow remixer, Im one of the few guys in the challenge.. Im slowly getting around to visiting all of the remixers' blogs. I've come across a lot, but you most definitely have style. Best of luck with the remaining challenge… xo