Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fun

It's Friday! Hurrah! And it's the Friday before Thanksgiving no less. Have you all got plans for the holiday? We are taking it easy at home this Thanksgiving- but I am planning on cooking up a Vegan Feast- sans Tofurky (thank you very much) because, Tofurky is just gross. I'm making Enchiladas or Tamales, and pumpkin Empanadas.

Since it's Friday, I thought I share some fun/funny links.

Time to start shredding those t-shirts and practicing poses, Refinery 29 just posted this Guide to Becoming a Star Style Blogger.

Also, Anthropolgie just put up on their site a super cute style story- Traveling through an Accessorized Landscape- it's a map of a fantasy world using miniatures - eat your heart out Gulliver.

And, The 20 Most Bizarre Craigslist Ads of All Time, Though I'm not sure any of them top one I saw about a guy willing to trade electronics for iguanas, lots of iguanas. Scary!

For the art and design lover - check out the student projects at Central Saint Martins in London.


  1. I'm definitely guilty of the 'hand as hat'

  2. yay for friday, I'm going home for thanksgiving and I'm soooo excited!! Ooh yum pumpkin empanadas sounds so good.
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  3. Thanks for the links. I may have spent more time than I intended looking at the craigslist ads (they are a time suck for me).
    Yeay for thanksgiving and Tofurkey. We've been going to vegetarian Thanksgiving every year at a friends, and we have veggie shepherd's pie.

  4. I'm going to a vegan Thanksgiving at my friends' place. I just went to a pre-T-giving potluck on Saturday but was able to eat "just enough" and not overdo it!