Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shades of Red, Orange, Pink...


I usually don't wear make-up, but lately I've been finding myself drawn to lipstick. And, I went a little bit gaga over Nars lipstick in Heat Wave. Orange-red- is not a color I would have ever tried but I got a bit adventurous at the Sephora (I'm wearing it in the photo above) - I wore it most everyday of my NYC trip. And, I'm really loving it for the holidays.

And, I've added a few more shades to my lipstick wish list.

Aveda Lip Tint in Poppy - a lovely shade of pink bordering on red.
Aveda Lip Gloss in Juneberry - for just a splash of pink color.

And, Tarte's Lipsurgence in Amused - it's really pink! *** HEY guys thanks to the awesome Jesse.Anne.O - I was alererted to the fact that Tarte's Lipsurgence is not Vegan. Good thing I didn't buy any! SO FYI if you're looking for vegan lip product.***

There is also this from the YUM Universe blog. An easy way to make your own lip tints and blush from beets! I'm thinking that I need to try this at home. But, I am very messy and I know that I'm making the hubs very nervous by bringing up things like dyes, and tints, and stains.

Have you ever tried making your own make-up?


  1. The lipstick looks fantastic on you! It's so difficult to find a flattering shade of red sometimes; I think you nailed it. If you decide to have a go at making your own makeup, I hope you'll write up a post about it!

  2. I go through phases where I wear makeup then dont at all. I wish I could wear more of it to work, but since I work at the library creepos look at me too much if I do. It's a catch 22!

  3. That's a great color on you! I've never tried red with any kind of orange before. I always stick to more subtle pinks and corals. Maybe I'll check out something more bold for the holidays too!

    The beet blush actually does look easy, if only I had a dehydrator. What a cool idea though!

  4. I have to look into that Aveda tint! It's coming up as out of stock on their site but it looks like it's popping up elsewhere. I wonder if I can find it in person to check it out.

    I just put up a post about a lip/cheek tint I found on Etsy that's vegan and uses beets and cherries as ingredients!

  5. Love the red lipstick on you. Very sophisticated.
    I've been thinking about lip color lately, as I am shocked at how dull my face looks without a little something in outfit photos (I don't feel that way when I look in the mirror though). Thanks for sharing the beet blush/lip color link. You probably wouldn't use the lanolin, though, (right?)

  6. @ Alicia THank you! I will def. post if I turn my kitchen into a make-up lab.

    @ Anne - Thank you! The beet blush does look easy, it'd be fun to try.

    @Rad - I know what you mean about photos - I feel the same way about photos- but not in person - or when I look in the mirror. And, I'd sub shea butter : )

    @ Jesse - I think most Aveda shops have all the lip tints : ) And I'll have to check out that etsy shop!

    @ Eli - I'm only now getting into make-up wearing- I kind of suck at it, but at least lipstick and mascara are easy! : )

  7. I love the bright lip! I feel like lipsick is something hard to mess up, easy to fix and usually fun to wear.

    Making your own sounds like a great project. I think I had a kit at one point in time.
    I was a kid who had every arts and crafts kit under the sun. They were so fun.

  8. A bit of lipstick now and then is a good thing! I feel like I need a bit more colour now that everyday is murky and grey.

    I've not tried making my own make up, but I'd be interested to give it a try...

  9. Several years ago I dreamed about making my own make-up but only went as far as lip gloss (this was when Martha Stewart was selling a lip gloss making kit). Lately I've been wanting to wear lipstick and my favorite is MAC Please Me & their lip balm in Coral..