Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Milky Way

Morning emails are out of the way, and I have my coffee by my side. I drink my coffee black (something that for some reason gets me odd looks around the office) Yeah, I don't do milk (er, soy milk) in my coffee, is that really so strange? Even before the vegan transition I never drank the stuff. I am just not a fan of anything milk- until I saw these...

Milk from a Thistle

Linda Loudermilk Spring '11

Animal prints, stripes, tree prints? Yes please.

Okay, back to work.


  1. Tree branches. yes yes yes please.

    And I do like some milk in my coffee. I'll drink it black, though I'd prefer whole milk. But never soy or anything thin that turns coffee that greyish brown color. I think that is completely gross.

  2. "urns coffee that greyish brown color. I think that is completely gross." I agree it's weird when coffee looks grey : )

  3. Those spring Milk from a Thistle dresses are so cute! Can we just skip over winter to get to those?

    I can't drink my coffee black, so I add coffee mate to mine. I know, it's terrible for me, but so tasty. That's the most I'll add though - I don't do fancy drinks at Starbucks and the like. But drinking it black isn't so odd. My dad, Grandma, boyfriend and his entire family all take it black. They think I'm the weird one for liking cream in mine.

  4. Cute. I love the branches one. Thankfully they're pretty much all silk AND expensive so definitely out of the question. That cut is my absolute favorite for dresses.

  5. @ Jesse hehehe. I know too expensive and yes silk - but pretty. I really like the idea of branches.

    @ Anne - yeah - I think it's just my office peeps : ) they also think its odd that I drink like three cups a day.

  6. I just saw something about that Milk from a Thistle collection and I was glad is was Australian and too expensive for me so I wasn't tempted to buy the tree maxi dress!

    I started drinking coffee in 8th grade because it was the cool grunge thing to do after school and I wanted to drink it black because that made me double cool. I've never been able to drink it with cream or sugar since and people still act like it's a big deal and that I'm all hardcore. Sorry, mocha-frapa-lattes with caramel and cookies mixed in are gross. My coffee is not a milkshake.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I have to agree these dresses are great. I like the one with the tree print...so unique!

  8. I love your funky style!! I already got lots of good ideas from your outfits!!! I am also doing the mix.. cant believe its almost over already!

    Happy mixing!!

    cheers, Jodi