Thursday, December 2, 2010


While many people wait until the new year to bring up talk of new things and changes - I'm starting now. I have a list of new things that will be happening on this blog. First off, I finally posted something to the EATS page. I will try to be better about that, because there lots of good food recipes and restaurant recommendations to share.

The big thing is that I am starting an Etsy Shop. I have a lot of vintage, and not enough closet space -so, have decided it's time to share these pieces with all of you vintage loving ladies out there.

The shop, Shine Like Gold - should be up just in time for New Year's.

I am also going to post a few non-vintage items on Smashion.

I am also very excited as to new blog and photo design possibilities. The new laptop (a nifty mac book pro) is on it's way - I should get it any day now. And, the first order of business is getting some good photo programs.


Yes, this dress will soon be for sale.


  1. so cool! it feels good to give your clothes a better home some times

  2. Im so excited about your store.. but my bank account won't be. Haha!

    Your pictures are always beautiful!



  3. Cute dress and I can't wait for your store to open!!

  4. So excited for your store! I'm trying not to be jealous of your new laptop. I used to be really good at using photoshop but there's no way my ole laptop will run it now. I'd love to get a new macbook soon!

  5. Dibs.
    Wait, would that ever even fit me? You are so darn tiny.

  6. Shame we are such different sizes!

  7. Yeay, congrats. I obviously could not fit into your clothes, but I will have fun looking at them (maybe some of the accessories, though).

  8. That's awesome! Selling on etsy is so much fun!

  9. Just found your blog :) looking forward for all the new things that will happen here!xx

  10. You will do so well, i love your style - too bad i will be too big!

  11. Oh no- that dress looks so good on you! I am excited about seeing your etsy shop though xx