Friday, December 10, 2010

7 Things and Minus 1

This past summer Mario and I took a road trip up to Portland. The drive up the coast from the Bay Area to the city was just so beautiful ( I have some photos in Sights) really almost magical. I don't really know how many times you can stop and take pictures of ocean, rocks, and trees - but let me tell you we stopped a lot to take photos along the way.

I also really enjoyed Portland itself, and upon coming home started looking for (what else, Portland style blogs) That's when I came across Pretty in PDX. Jen, is sweet and funny, and always has these super cute comfy looking outfits. She recently tagged me in blog 'round- state 7 things about yourself and tag 7 others. So here goes.

1.I'm always cold. Seriously, when I am at home I am in layers from head to toe, and generally have a few blankets bout for movie watching. No, I don't have a snuggie or a slanket - I think that may be a little bit too grandma-ish for me.

2.I love tea. I'm very very picky about it too. My favorites are Gen Mai Cha and Earl Grey.

3.I'm actually a pretty decent singer. I sing in the shower, a lot. Maybe one day I'll join the ranks of cheesemeisters and make a you tube video of myself covering Patsy Cliene. But for now, if you're going to karaoke can I come too?

4.Wii Dance and now Wii Dance 2 are my favorite video games. Rockband comes at a close second. Yes, I do play video games.

5.I can read really fast. ( I learned to read when I was 3!) It helped out a lot in college - On average I can read a 350 page book in about an hour.

6.I can't stand artificial banana flavor.

7.One day I want to write a romance novel. I've never even read one, but I really want someone to design one of those awesomely fantastic cornball book covers for a story I write.

And, the MINUS ONE fact - we are actually not moving after all. There was a snafu in regards to the move in date, and we can't swing it - which is okay since we were having qualms about the neighborhood. So the search for a new place continues.

I'm passing this along to: What I Wore, Northwest is Best, 5678, Teeny and yet not Teeny at all, Swallow Light Bulbs, Beauty Simplistic, and Aerograms from Jan.

Just for fun, here are some forest photos from Oregon...




  1. Hahaha! I was just about to reply "don't knock the slanket until you try it" when I noticed that you tagged me. How sweet! Now the pressure is on to come up with 7 fun and interesting facts about moi - eeek! I'll get thinking... :)

    Oh and in response to the rest of your list...

    2. I love tea too - my favourite is Lyons brand pyramid teabags which only seem to be available in Ireland. Wanna try some?

    3. I'm jealous!

    4. I had a lost weekend with video games back in 1994 and haven't touched one since Super NES (damn I'm feeling old)

    5. I can't read pretty quick but nothing sinks in - kinda defeats the purpose eh?

    6. for real? i like to think it's so bad it's good...

    7. Rock on with your bad self!

    and your -1: sorry to hear your new flat didn't work out (perhaps everything happens for a reason??)

  2. first of all, those little guys are adorable!!

    second, I have six versions of dance dance revolution in my bookshelf, and I havent touched them in months. and that zelda game for the wii? played for a about an hour and there it sits. is it weird to feel guilty about not playing videogames?

  3. 1. My FEET are always cold, so I wear socks to bed every night (unless it's the few weeks of summer that it's boiling outside).
    5. That's some crazy fast reading! Pretty awesome. I have a problem with skimming, and then I have to re-read to catch the stuff I missed.
    6. I LOATHE banana candy.
    7. Kooky - I also want to write a romance novel, mostly because I've read some really, really bad ones. Cringe inducing.
    Thank you so much for the sweet words! I'm really glad that I found your blog as well, you have such amazing, effortless style! :)

  4. Dude, thanks for sharing and thanks for tagging me! I'll get to it once this hangover has cleared. My fault for accepting shots of tequila from strangers.

  5. I went to Portland for the summer a little more than a year ago and enjoyed it very much. I liked the ambiance or just how I felt being there. So much pretty things and I feel like the Pacific Northwest suits me way more (what with all the cold weather and trees).

    And I'm a proud and user of the Snuggie. :D And I'm proud to say I'm a total grandma. I love drinking tea, wearing my snuggie, knitting, and watching old Seinfeld.

    And this is a Portland style website I found that I like: http://urbanweeds.blogspot.com/.

  6. We did the drive from Portland to S.F and back last year. Such a beautiful drive - but parts made me a little queazy ;P

    The Auspicious Life