Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hot Tub Mac Machine, and an Outfit, Finally.

We continued to celebrate our anniversary on Friday night and we booked a 'hot-tub' at the Piedmont Springs, just down the street. It was amazing. It makes me wish we had a decent tub in our little place, but for now having hot tubs for rent down the street may be the next best thing.

Piedmont Springs

I taught English in Japan for a time, and quite probably my favorite Japanese custom was the Ofuru. I'd honestly forgot how relaxing it can be to soak in a hot tub, in a quiet private space - just to have that time to decompress is such a luxury. If you have a hot tub, or nice home tub, or an ofuru, you are very lucky!

Piedmont Springs

And, here is what I wore out and about for today...



From my closet: Sunglasses - Cheap Monday (the same one's I always wear), Jacket - Levis, Sweater - thrifted, Top - T by Alexander Wang that was a gift. Bag - Matt & Nat, Jeans and scarf are old UO, and by old I mean a couple of years ago. I really really love this scarf and I hate to think what will happen when it starts to fall apart.

Apparently I like wearing that top and jeans combo- here is a picture where I'm channeling Olivia Newton John.


I wore it out with a long cardigan though, as it's a little too slinky of a look for me otherwise.

I hope that you are all having a great weekend!

Oh! And, this post is my very first on the new laptop! Hurrah!


  1. Love this! So very comfy chic :)

    Super jealous of your hot tub date!



  2. Those jeans are pretty amazing on you, so I understand why you wear them a lot.
    Hot tubs just down the street sounds awesome. I want to go to the Korean saunas/hot tubs here in NY with my blokey, but he's not into that. I may go with a good friend instead.

  3. I haven't been in a hot tub in years! wish i was right now!

    Love the bottom outfit!

  4. Hou, I love everything about this outfit, especially the dressed down version. I'm really happy to have discovered you blog :)

  5. So jealous of your hot tub experience!! And you're definitely giving Olivia a run for her money in those trousers!

  6. I love your high-waisted jeans! They look awesome. Hot tub date sounds rad. (:

  7. There is only one way to describe this outfit and that is COOL. You look seriously cool. The rib of the sweater looks so interesting!

    I haven't been in a hot tub forever, yet another reason for me to go visit my friends and snowboard in CO, they have a hot tub in their back yard and there is nothing better than a beer in the hot tub after a long day on the slopes!

  8. good tip on Piedmont Springs. Berkeley Hot Tubs on University are pretty gross :/

  9. Love those jeans! The buttons are so cool. I'm slowly rediscovering all that Oakland has to offer, thanks for the hot tub tip!


  10. Hi all thank you for your comments. These jeans are super soft and comfy too!

    For you east bay-ers. Piedmont Springs is great! Inexpensive - clean - easy to get to - and they also have saunas!

  11. December 11? How did I manage to miss this...

    At any rate - a nice hot tub soak sounds pretty awesome. I wish I had one, or at least knew someone who did.

    I really like the sweater (right - yes, I did see this on flickr!)