Monday, December 6, 2010



A fallen eyelash means someone is missing you - blow on an eyelash and make a wish. Long full lashes are the stuff of dreams. We curl them, we extend them, we ply them with coast of mascara.




Why do we have such a fascination with eyelashes?


"Ancient Egyptians play a large part of the rich history of mascara. Dating as far as 3400-30 B.C., Egyptians used bone and ivory as mascara applicators, and blended kohl with crocodile dung, water and honey to create the first mascara. "

Edwardian ladies used "burnt matchsticks were used to darken eyelashes" and sometimes
women made their own form of mascara by adding hot beads of wax to the tips of their eyelashes.

And in the 20's and 30's women used spit block - cake mascaras.
And, yes they did spit on them to moisten and apply the 'cake' to their lashes.

And now...


or there are lash extensions and lash growth prescriptions for Latisse.

Honestly, I wish I had longer lashes too - like Anna Karina - big 60's lashes, but I don't think that my false eyelash application skills would cut it - and I'd just feel too costume-y.

Have you ever tried false lashes, or extensions?


  1. Wow, I'm glad I'll never have to put dung or hot wax on my eyelashes.
    And I think I'll pass on Lastise as well (apparently if you have blue eyes, it might turn them brown, permanently. Not that I have blue eyes, but I don't like the idea of putting that kind of chemical on them).

  2. I wore falsies for Halloween, I was an owl and the lashes were made out of small black feathers. They were super cool though they felt like little parasols for my eyelids. I'll eventually post my costume on my site, I'll send you a note to see.

  3. I love long lashes... Mine are kind of fine. I can't be bothered to wear false lashes, though. I just use mascara with a primer... It does the trick pretty well!

  4. I have some weird feeling that I have worn them, but remember them falling off the side of my face too.

  5. I've never tried false lashes, but planning to try soon. I've been watching YouTube tutorials in preparation!

  6. i have tried falsies many times, and the effect was incredible!

  7. I've never worn false eyelashes, I feel like I would just never be able to relax when I was wearing them, worrying they were sliding off! It's so funny how ingrained our standards of beauty are... shave your legs, shave your armpits, pluck your eyebrows into a fine arch, but that hair growing out of your eyeballs?!? Sexy!!! Accentuate that! Make them long and black! We love hairy eyeballs! (Ok, I know it's not actually growing out of your eyeball, but you know what I mean, right?)

  8. ive never tried fake lashes or extensions. i thinki worry it wouldnt look natural

  9. Ooh! I've tried them before...it felt kind of weird but looked interesting.

  10. @Lyddie - yeah that is really scary!
    @Fabienne - that sounds really cool! I'd love to see the owl costume - so creative-
    @ Jenni - Sallyannie - Isabel and Teeny - I just think I'd be really bad at putting them on.
    @Northwest- youtube tutorials thats a good idea!
    @Marta - di you find it difficult to put them on?
    @ Futurelint. I think about that kind of thing a lot. I love reading those studies about how our appearances determine how others may judge us. For instance one study that showed that tall ppl are more likely to be promoted or given positions of authority over their shorter counterparts - that study really irked me.

  11. No I haven't, but I have long eye lashes so I don't think it's necessary :) Like this post!