Thursday, January 27, 2011

OH My God! Say it ain't so! Twitter?

Yes, it is true. I'm on Twitter. Oh, I started a twitter account way way back - and then never ever used it. Why? I'm not going to lie I think it's stupid. There I said it. I mean why is it necessary to *tweet* isn't it better to read a blog? And really aren't blogs and Facebook just a better more in depth versions of Twitter? Sorry out there to all of you Tweeters that love the platform - I mean no disrespect. I just don't understand it.

So, why the change? Why am I now adding Twitter to my blog?

I've started taking an online class on Social Media and Journalism. One of the platforms we will be using/ learning about is Twitter. While I'm skeptical that I'll fall head over heels, cute flats and boots, over Twitter. I do realize that it is a platform that many people and businesses use - and I don't want to be one of those curmudgeony people that dislikes things without giving them a chance - so here I am.

We'll see what happens.

I'm curious to know if you use Twitter, and if so - for what reason?


  1. I'm on Twitter and now following you like an internet creeper. I can see the appeal but don't really feel like broadcasting all my thoughts over the internet. I follow a lot of Manchester based clubs, galleries, venues etc so I can find out about exciting parties and events, so it's good for that.

  2. Oh! yes I can see that - Ok now I'm going to start looking for local galleries to follow!

  3. I used to think Twitter was a vapid and narcissistic waste of time, and now I love it. It's great for networking with other vintage lovers and bloggers, and some of my favorite etsy vintage sellers use it to tweet their latest listings as soon as they put them up, which I really like since the best things can often sell out really quickly.

    On the rare occassion I list something in my own etsy shop, I'll get quite a few views on the item just by tweeting it. I also use Twitter to follow a few local restaurants and art/music venues. It's nice!

  4. I tweet now and again... but not with any sort of regularity. I never tweet that i just posted to my blog. I try to share funny articles, or maybe photos. Or complain about things.
    Honestly, I don't know why anyone would want to read my tweets - but oh - do follow me!

  5. I have mixed feelings about Twitter. I got put in charge of the Twitter account at my work, so I decided to start my own account at the same time so I could learn what I was doing on my personal account and not look like an idiot at work!

    I'm now following you!!

  6. I'm giving it a chance : )

    And I'm following you all!

  7. I'm on Twitter, but I don't maintain it. If I do, I'll add you.
    I like the #labels that folks put on their tweets. I put them on my Facebook updates.