Monday, March 28, 2011

More Stately Mansions

If you were an angst-y teen, and I'm willing to bet most of us were - unless you grew up in some sort of Sweet Valley High alter-universe - but, if you were an angst-y teen, then you probably read Welcome to the Monkey House. I spent a lot of time reading in coffee shops back in the teen days, and I read more than my share of Vonnegut. I think I read Monkey House several times over, don't ask me why. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I would "grow-up" to be like one of his characters.

In More Stately Mansions - Gracie is obsessed with decorating (magazine clippings in files, dogeared catalog pages, all caps OBSESSED). It's all that she talks about - she offers up decorating advice to anyone who will listen - while her own home is, well lets just say is in a state of shabby disrepair.

Such is my life. We moved into our tiny Piedmont adjacent apartment because of the location. It was going to be temporary, but three years later it has a sense of permanence. We've looked at houses, cottages, other apartments - with no luck. It just seems that there is nothing out there. At least no place that fits what we need.

I envy those of you that have hardwood floors, modern kitchens with a vintage feel, closet space, a parking space, bathrooms larger than a broom closet, patios, safe neighborhoods with a walk score above 90...

While we continue on our search for our next home - however long it may take - I'm reading and tabbing and pinning- design blogs and flickr photos, and watching design shows. Inspiration or torture?

I'm finding it impossible to decorate our beige wall to wall carpeted cookie cutter cubicle apartment. What do you to decorate un-inspiring places?


  1. Ugh, beige wall to wall carpeting, my heart hurts just thinking about it.
    It also seems hard to want to put any effort into decorating a space you just want to vacate as soon as possible! Why invest the time and money?
    (which is why I always hate those house selling shows on hgtv where they completely overhaul their house to make it look better to the buyers, and i just think, wouldn't it have been nicer if you did that 8 years ago when you moved in so you could have actually enjoyed it?

  2. @Lyddie - I know I never understand those shows either!

    I LOVE our neighborhood and that is why we stay- but I just wishing for the day that finally someone decides to move.