Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Things !

Once I catch up on work that I've fallen a bit behind on - I need to go check out these new spots and of course, report back.

Reliquary in the Hayes, just opened last month. I need to go check it out.

"Reliquary is a highly curated collection of apparel and accessories, antique jewelry and folk art, in San Francisco's Hayes Valley neighborhood. Merchandising current small designer lines with hand picked vintage items, Reliquary will remain a tightly edited assortment of goods, always presenting a clear and trend resistant point of view, both easy to shop and unexpectedly diverse. It is important that Reliquary never feel like a consignment shop, or even a vintage store, but rather a collection of things that are timeless and beautiful.. a curiosity shop of sorts. Catering to someone that buys vintage pieces because they make her style individual, Reliquary will mix high end and low end and decades and cultures to create an assortment of amazing pieces that have a history, but still feel very relevant today."

Also, Homeroom, the Mac & Cheese restaurant opened (not too long ago) just around the corner - I need to go try their homemade Root Beer and vegan GF Mac & Cheese!!


  1. That sounds like a very cool store, I hope you find some fun new things to bring home!

    ... also, i'm not sure how I feel about a restaurant specializing in nothing other than mac and cheese, but that is because I have a rule to never, ever order pasta in a restaurant. Not because I dislike pasta, but rather the contrary, I make it at home at least three nights a week so when I go out, I want something I can't make myself.

  2. Ciao cara!
    Buona settimana...
    Le foto sono stupende.



  3. Did you go to s'mac when you were here? They have vegan gluten-free mac and serve it in skillets. It was all Daiya so it was a little sweet but still good!

    Typically I don't order pasta in restaurants, like Lyddie, but mainly because I find it's usually really overdone unless it's a decent Italian place!

  4. I know, I know about the pasta : ) I did marry and Italian so I get my fill of pasta and the like at home- but I like to try as many 'renditions' of vegan mac & cheese as I can : ) I get ideas on how to make my "cheese" sauces better.

    @ Jesse I didn't go to s'mac - but I do use the Daiya on mac & cheese at home sometimes. I feel like I could live in NYC for a year and not try all the food places I want to that are there! I'm jealous - you'd think SF would have a lot of options - they do for the 'gourmets' but not so much for vegans.