Thursday, April 14, 2011


Lately I've been obsessing on all things past. In particular things to do with California history. Well, entertainment, fashion, and design history to be more exact. With our upcoming So Cal. trip and our visit to the famous Chateau Marmont on Sunset. I am of course planning a drive up through Laurel Canyon. If you've been reading this blog for sometime you may be aware of my love of that Laurel Canyon 60's vibe and style. The Chateau was a fixture for musicians of that era, and to most Laurel Canyon was a place to meet - for some it was home.

Most of that creative vibe is gone now, and Laurel Canyon is a place known for million dollar homes. How I wish that Pamela Courson's shop Themis was still there (if only there was such a thing as a hot tub time machine) Now the shop is an oriental rug depot. Not fun.

"Pam was very fashion conscious and Jim agreed to finance a Boutique for her. Themis, named for the Roman goddess of justice, was opened by Christmas 1968. Raeanne Rubenstein (the photographer hired to take photos for Themis) described it as "a romantic poetry den- not at all like any place you would imagine being located in Southern California- more like something from Paris”.
She also talks about lots of richly coloured tapestries on the walls, small mirrors and feathers on the ceiling, tie-dyed dressing room curtains, lots of candles, perfumes, incense and racks of clothes that were very European with styles that had not yet gained popularity in the U.S. Themis became very popular with the Hollywood crowd. Pamela traveled to Europe frequently to stock her store. The store was hardly ever open and kept odd hours."

From Break on Through

I really love her style - long hair, billowy or lacy tops and high waisted jeans. I'm all for it!


  1. I had no idea she had a store. All of her pictures are always so lovely. Such a shame she was such a junkie!

  2. @jesse- I know ! a shame for all of them. I wonder why there was that (and I guess there still is that) thought that drug use leads to creativity? huh? I won't ever understand that.

  3. love the photos... what times those must've been!

  4. i love the hair too. i have an etsy and i put up a lookbook. check out my blog and etsy!