Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Almost 50's


Sweater via Anthro, shoes are ages old, cateye sunnies, and the skirt I picked up at Flounce vintage in LA last summer.

Inspiration Desert Bloom, starring Annabeth Gish. I had a hard time finding photos for this little film, from 1986. It's a "coming of age story" set in the Nevada Desert during the 50's Atomic bomb testing. It's an interesting story, though at times it's not easy to watch. It's good movie to put on though when you're spending a rainy day on the couch wrapped in blankets and sipping tea.


  1. I've never even heard of this movie. It sounds interesting.

    I'm not sure why but I was never a big AG fan with her being the protagonist in anything. I found Mystic Pizza difficult to watch for that reason...and I have the same issue with Nicholas Cage! I can't place why I respond that way to either of them, though.

    However, I love your outfit.

  2. @Jesse hehe I'm not a big Nick Cage fan, or Mystic Pizza fan... but this movie was okay. A bit sad - but I didn't even realize it was Gish at first. That may be a good thing?

  3. almost 50s in a good way - i love those sunnies.

    and as for nick cage -- sometimes i love him, but sometimes he chooses to do weird/awful movies. he definitely has a way about him -- but i love moonstruck so i continue to at least want to love him.

  4. Nicholas Cage....I both love and loathe his terrible acting. The photos are intriging, it makes me want to see it!