Saturday, May 28, 2011

Because it's been a long time...

I haven't posted many outfits here lately. As most of these days - I've been quite pressed for time - and on top of that we've been having less than stellar weather here since about December. I can't stand gloomy, grey, and windy. And, I figured my standard trousers/jeans & cardigan outfits weren't much to share. But, since I'm going out today I decided to wear a skirt, of course it started to rain about 5 minutes after taking this photo. Grr. I'm such a grump, but it's nothing that dinner at one of my favorite Thai places and a funny movie (Bridesmaids) can't fix.

Here is what I was wearing before changing into leggings and boots.


This scarf is an ages old purchase from UO, the skirt is years old from Anthropologie, the blouse is also from Anthro. The jacket is my old standby Levi's, and the boots are Rachel Comey from a consignment shop!

I'm really loving this simple pyrite necklace, by Garnett Jewelery. I'm considering buying a back up just in case something happens to this one.


I also though I'd share these little guys below...


Ceramic animal rings! So cute. They were featured on Notcot. I'd like to get one but, as they are made and sold in Indonesia, it's bit of a task- apparently I'd have to send money via Western Union? I'm not so sure about that. Maybe in the future they'll have an Etsy shop.

Hope that you are all having a great weekend so far, and that you get sunny skies for your bbq's and outings.


  1. love those animal rings, and you look cute too.

  2. There is nothing more outfit crushing than bad weather, and since December? I don't know how you've even survived. Its more than just vitamin D, the sun gives us hope and motivation -- I hope it makes an appearance soon.

    At least lately where ever I go I see piles of bright, but super blousey tops that would go perfectly over leggings, maybe you could grab a few and brighten your day a little.

    Also, that bunny ring is adorable- I hope they become more accessible.

  3. really lovely necklace. so unique!

  4. you're adorable! great score on the comey's <3

  5. I LOVE this outfit! Right up my alley. :)