Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Things

Since I've decided to only add pieces of clothing that I REALLY love to my wardrobe (no more fast fashion, no more careless thrifting) - I've taken a huge interest in jewelery, as accessories are a great a way to change up my usual outfits. I love jewelery that is bit off, earthy/natural - and not delicate (what's the point of that?) Here are some pieces I would love to have added to my accessories drawer.

Pieces are from: Lady Grey Jewelery, Stone & Honey, Vanessa Mooney, Kathryn Bentley, Nga Waiata and Lizzie Fortunato.


  1. I love how earthy and unique these pieces are - that wooden ring with the turquoise stone is great, and i love the triangle necklace as well.

  2. I love all the jewelries you posted. I too aim for the more earthy jewelry than costume-y or sparkle-y. and it's true, a simple white v-neck with some jewelry changes the entire outfit!

  3. I love the wooden ring, how awesome is that. Do you own any of these pieces of jewelery?