Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Giveaway! $20 to H&M

I want to thank all of my lovely readers. I always enjoy reading your comments, sharing ideas, and learning from you. When I began writing here in 2010 I did not know what to expect, but I've found an international community of bright, positive people - with whom I've had great "conversations" with. What else can I say? You all rock!

So I'm doing a little giveaway for my "followers" (though I'd like to think of you all more as friends), win a $20 gift card to H&M. I hope you'll have more luck finding something super cute & stylish with it than I have.

Just leave a comment here about your favorite childhood memory, or about a recent trip you've taken, or well anything really (I just like to hear those kinds of stories). Also, don't forget to leave your email.

*** Giveaway ends July 5th



  1. Hello, hello! My husband and I recently took a little weekend trip to Cleveland, of all places, to visit an old college buddy of his. Cleveland doesn't sound very awesome, to be honest, but we had a wonderful time! Dave's buddy and his wife took amazing care of us, and his wife took me to the most breathtaking, heavenly vintage store I have ever seen in my life, stuffed to the brim with wonderfully edited furniture and housewares, and racks & racks of dresses organized by era. Everything in great shape and reasonably priced. I could have moved in. If you ever find yourself in Cleveland, go to Sweet Loraine's! We also saw an awesomely bad play and ate way too much amazing food.

    Also, the day after my birthday, Buffalo's very first H&M is opening in a mall near me! I am shamefully, nerdily excited about this. So a gift card would be put to very good use, indeed! ;)

    Anyway, thanks for hosting this giveaway, and thanks also for hosting a blog that I love to read.

  2. :) So sweet of you.

    One of my favorite childhood memories is the races I had around the outside of our house with my two older brothers. They were bigger than me & would have won, but Dad would pick me up & race me past so I always got there first! hehe

  3. The last trip I took was a Girls' Weekend near Lake Superior here in MN, but I'm heading to Chicago for a summer trip soon.

  4. Yay H&M is one of my favorites! My favorite childhood memories are any and all I can remember with my mom esp since she passed away a few years ago. Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  5. Aww, I'm sorry you couldn't find anything! It's sweet of you to give it away - If I couldn't find anything I'd probably just end up getting $20 worth of those tiny little claw hair clips, since I never seem to have one when I need one, and my sister and I feud over them -- I'm talking full on BRAWL over a hair claw...

  6. I'm about to go to a lake NH with my parents for the weekend! It's nice because I live in Boston and they live in Virginia, so I don't get to see them all that much.

  7. I had equally bad luck with H&M the other day, and then I think I might be getting a touch too old for some of their clothes. But I could drop $20 on accessories pretty easily!

    My last trip was California, but I'm itching to get out of the city for a day or two. Fella's parents have a house on a lake in Michigan, so I'm hoping we can get up there some weekend this summer to just relax on the beach.

  8. This is going to be the most random thing, but when my grandfather used to live with me, he would love to climb our giant trees in our backyard. One day when I was about 8, he decided to build a simple tree house (basically, it was just the foundation...no walls, no roof). It was probably suspended up a story and a half. He pushed me up to climb it and once I sat inside and saw how high I was, I cried like there was no tomorrow. I could not figure out how to get down. I forgot how I actually did...I think it took me awhile to actually trust my grandfather to get me out of there. haha


  9. Cute blog! My last trip was just few weeks ago to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic...I have lot of pictures on my blog! Love the country!



  10. Hi,
    I often do think about my favorite childhood memory, which is a really big storm with thunders and rain. And then little me (around 11) with a bunch of friends (btw. scaried to death) trying to gather some sweet cherries from the tree to our baskets. That was a fantastic time.

    PS Here's my email: vespertinee@wp.pl

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  12. when i was younger, my family and i took a trip to luna park, which is in sydney. (i used to live in australia) & it was just so much fun & i'm pretty sure it was my first time at a theme park ! :)

    evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

  13. My first trip to Australia - what a special moment. I was in high school and had never ventured outside the States before, with the exception of trips to nearby Canada. My style blog titled Aussie Blue, is a sort of nod to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Everything about Oz inspires me, the flora and fauna, historical architecture, the aboriginal people, the view from atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the feeling I get when I wake up in Queensland and the crisp air resulting from morning dew.