Thursday, June 16, 2011

Past Apartments

As you know, for the past year or so we've been trying to find new digs in our part of town. For what seems like an eternity, I've been looking at ads online, keeping my eyes peeled for leasing signs when going out on walks, putting the word out to friends and friends of friends that we were looking ... I have looked at so many photos of homes and apartments, Youtube interior tours, and fliers. I've seen some really shabby sad looking places that would have been scary to live in, and I've seen some really fantastic spaces- that just fell short of what we needed in a place to live.

We've now come upon an opportunity to move someplace new at the end of the summer. Which is great news, that I will write about as we get closer to August. The thing is, now that I'm no longer looking for a new place I have some free time on my hands. So I've taken on the task of organizing my photos.

That's when I found this photo ...

My old studio apartment, by the Grand Lake theater. I guess if I no longer have to obsess about finding a new place, I can obsess about the old places I have lived. I took this photo shortly before getting hitched and moving in with the hubs (most of it was all packed up I have some boxes in the corner behind my guitar). I wish that I'd taken more pictures of this super cute place - It was pink and white (note the hello kitty alarm clock in the lower right) I loved this apartment, it was in an old 20's building and it had an old icebox and Wedgewood stove... oh the memories. One day I do hope to have wood floors and floor to ceiling windows again.

I am now hoping to find at least one photo of my very first apartment in Boston, I miss that place too - but that was pre-my-having a digital camera, so I may need to dig through some shoe boxes for a pic.

What was your first apartment like?


  1. Ooh, the pink and white is super cute!

    My first apartment was a 2 bedroom in a 6 flat brick building built in the 1930's. It was huge and had hardwood floors and tons of windows. It was so bright, which only highlighted the fact that my roommate and I owned just about nothing! I found pictures of it the other day, and it made me laugh to see all the empty space, whereas now I'm running out of places to put things.

    I can't express my love for vintage buildings enough. Every building I've lived in here in Chicago has been at least 70 years old. I always wonder about all the people who must have lived in these places before me. The building I'm in now was built in 1928, and still has the original light fixtures and door knobs, as well as the original hardwood flooring. There's just so much more character than newer construction.

  2. Looks like it was a really cute place - I'd be happy to live anywhere with hard wood floors, high ceilings and great light.

  3. I have never lived on my own! And that picture of your apartment makes me wish I had.

  4. That apartment looks lovely! I cannot wait to get my own place and get to decorate it however I like!

    Thank you so much for the follow! I appreciate it so much! And you have a lovely blog, as well! <3