Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summertime Summerland

The skies are blue and no-sweater weather has finally arrived in the bay. I've been quite busy these past few going for long walks, making watermelon slushies and enjoying the summer weather while it lasts.

Sure my weekdays are filled with the 9 to 5 office work, and I'm often daydreaming about being here...


but, I'm still extremely happy that I can go out sans tights and a cardigan - and of course wear a few pretty new things.



I finally spent some of the gift cards I've had hanging around since Christmas.
Sunnies are Karen Walker, Skirt UO, Bag is by Jade Tribe via Conifer in SF, the top - the shoes - the messy hair - all seen before. I'm most likely chopping off all my straggly locks before school starts. So I have a summer left with my hippie long hair.

Can you believe it's already close to July 4th?


  1. Oh I love your skirt, your bag, your shoes, everything! + that first photo is incredible. where is that??

  2. June always just flies by - one minute you feel like you've got the whole summer in front of you and then you are suddenly in a panic that it will be fall before you know it!

    I love that skirt... I was eying it in red and I so want to go back for it...

  3. @ Michal - thank you; ) I took that photo a few years back at Montana De Oro in Sal Luis Obispo http://www.slostateparks.com/montana_de_oro/default.asp
    It's gorgeous.

    @Lyddie - I know! I'm hoping at least the summer days are full of fun things. Also, the skirt is really comfy!

  4. Lovely outfit! I went sans tights for the first time yesterday. Felt good.

  5. What a beautiful place! I passed through SLO, but we didn't have time to explore much there other than the mission.

    And you're chopping off your hair? But it's so pretty!

  6. I love the colour of that skirt!

  7. Your skirt is amazing! I love the color of it!!!

  8. Suzz i love your long hair, it's gorgeous. i wish i had it. also, OF COURSE i'll let you know when the package arrives sweetie!!!! I can't wait!

  9. Pretty outfit. I love it. I am a sucker for accordian pleats.

  10. Such a cute outfit! Loving the pleats! I am so into pleats lately!

    xoxo Denise