Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Midnight in Paris

I loved Midnight in Paris, it was funny and whimsical - magical. It's hard not have magic involved when your film is set in Paris.

Gil Pender (Owen Wilson) is a screenwriter that wants to be a novelist. He finds himself in Paris with his fiance and future in-laws. From the beginning, it's easy to see that Gil is a dreamer and a romantic. He doesn't feel that he belongs in the present and he feels an affinity for what he feels was a golden page in our history - Paris in the 1920's.

Gil and I would get on very well. I too am a romantic who believes Paris is most beautiful in the rain.

Watching the film, it was hard not to feel nostalgic. When I studied in London I tried to make the trip to Paris as many weekends as I could. Like Gil ,I too lost my way wandering around the city- only to end up sharing a bottle of wine with some young Parisians huddled under an entry way waiting for the rain to subside. I had so many memorable conversations with people I met there. Oh the Cafes, bookshops, pastry shops, people, parks... I loved it all!

On one occasion I traveled there with a grumpy ex during Christmas time, he constantly complained that his feet hurt, and I stubbornly refused to take a cab or the metro. I wanted to walk every inch of the city and not miss a thing it was all so beautiful decorated in lights. I ended up walking along the city alone, but not caring one bit. Again, I met some amazing people and while I did not end up traveling back in time to the Jazz age, I did live an almost fairytale moment.

I wish that I were going to Paris again this year as I'd hoped - but school takes priority and maybe just maybe, I'll make it there in the Spring.

In the meantime there are films like Midnight in Paris to tide me over. The scenes shot around the city really brought me back. It was all well done. I fell in love with the costume and set design throughout the film, but it was the costumes from Paris in the 20's that really caught my attention.

Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.

Adriana and Gil.

Don't you love this dress?

Have you seen the film?


  1. you describe paris just as I imagine it must be! magical. hope to make it there one day :)

    and now I've got to put this movie on my "to-see" list for sure!

  2. I caught this a week or so ago and absolutely loved it! I actually had no idea what it was about, just that it was a Woody Allen movie and I was so pleasantly surprised! Hemingway was definitely my favorite part about it! :)

  3. JUST saw it last night with my parents, and I kid you not, we were compelled to go out for a bottle of wine on a patio and discuss arranging a month or longer stay in Paris! I studied abroad in Lille and also went to Paris on many weekends. And I was so nostalgic too! It makes me feel like i can't WAIT to get back to France!

  4. my friend had told me to watch this movie asap like a month ago. and being that I don't like to go to movie theaters I put it off and just recently decided to watch it and now can't find it anywhere. but I have a feeling I will absolutely love it.

  5. Havent seen this yet, but I really want to!
    Your Paris stories sound amazing!!!