Friday, July 22, 2011

Things to daydream about...

Sometimes your life can be perfectly summarized in song lyrics. Many years ago as a young tween/teen in Boston I used to listen to Letters to Cleo (yeah I know - but Kay Hanley was so cool!) anyway as I'm sitting at my desk day dreaming about things on my wish list I remembered this song...

"Just living on a Sunday morning, got my toast and tea and I'm warm and I just thought I'd think about. All the things to get and keep getting, never enough not enough and never ending. I just thought I'd think about."

Even though I have many many other things to be worrying/thinking about this is where I'm at these days - making mental shopping lists over breakfast - Partly because I'm trying not to spend (I'm paying my school tuition) and, it seems that the more I need to do something (like save) the harder it is to do it.

It makes it more difficult that these things are oh-so-tempting.

10. Feral Childe Olivetti Tunic - at Kaight Shop
Yes please, I'd like to be a little Mod Sailor-ette for my next beach outing or picnic.

9. Cupcake Carriers - from Green Party Goods
To use to give cupcakes as gifts and for summer picnics.

8. Olo Fragrance Sample kit - from Summerland
I've been trying to find a new signature scent since Burberry discontinued Babytouch.
I have a feeling one of these hand blended scents may be it... Violet/Leather, Dafne, Victory Wolf and Lightning Paw. Don't they sound lovely?

7. For Strange Women Absinthe Lip balm
The little tin is really lovely. All the For Strange Women products have lovely Victorian inspired packaging. Besides, I think this Absinthe lip balm will remind me of my starving aspiring literary fiction writer/student days in France and Spain.

6. These lovely Olsen Haus flats.
I'm imagining running around the city in them and of course they would be perfect for getting around campus.

But, which color?

5. BabyCakes Covers the Classics
This is really a need more than it's wish. I need to learn to make my own donuts.

4. Milk Glass Cake Stand.
For when I make my Stella Cake. I'm also hunting a set of 8 Milk Glass dessert plates.

3. Tea leaf filters - Sold Out at Shop Ruche

Where can I find more?

2. These Sunglasses at Need Supply Co.
Honestly they have so many sunglasses I can't decide -

but, I really want to wear these with...

1. This awesome dress Krysten Ritter designed for Corey Lynn Calter.

I'd throw on those sunnies, my fave green cardigan and Olsen Haus flats - and be set for a day out and about - or, throw on a blazer and heels for work. I really want to find a store here in the Bay Area/ San Francisco that carries it so I can try it on.

What's super awesome about it (other than the fact that it's amazingly cute) is that 100% of the proceeds go to Dare To Share, an organization helping special needs children. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that a lot of my past 9 to 5 work involves assisting non-profits and helping the under-served. These organizations really need our help to keep their work going. So even if you aren't in the market for a new dress check out their site and see if you can assist by donating, or volunteering.

What are you wishing for these days? Please tell me I'm not alone in making mental (er, now blogger) wish lists.



  1. I think Absinthe Lips would remind me of something entirely different. One summer, at least 10 years ago, my friends had a friend visiting from Sweden who brought a bottle of absinthe (since it was still illegal in the US). We all went to a friend's cottage on Lake Erie and had a crazy night with the absinthe, a bonfire and a guitar. Ah, memories.

    I feel like I'm always making lists of things I want but really shouldn't buy. Right now I'm pining after a pair of pewter Born flats. They have a little bow on them and everything. I may break down and buy them once we get a little closer to fall (and, hopefully, they go on sale!).

  2. I want those sunglasses too!! I've never seen such a pair!


  3. oh god I know how this feels. Its the white elephant in the room. I want all their sunglasses too!

  4. Your wishlist is wonderful, I'd take the purple flats, and decide to treat them as a neutral. Also those sunnies. Of course the moment you decide to limit your spending is when everything suddenly seems so appealing.

    I want a pair of leopard print sunnies ever since I saw one of my cousins wearing a pair, new espadrilles since my old ones are kind of falling apart, a purpley/fuchsiay top to pair with my orange skirt (because everyone is doing it) and a brightly colored leather clutch.

    Nope, not alone. at all.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. A cake stand is such a great idea! I saw some cute ones at Home Goods the other day but didn't buy because I NEVER make cakes :P but I may get one anyway and use it as a display for something else.

  6. There are so many great things on your wishlist! I really love those purple flats, I feel like I've never seen plain flats in that color before! And those sunglasses are so cute too! And so is Krysten Ritter, love that dress!

  7. I've been wanting to find a signature scent in forever, but people keep giving me perfumes for my birthday and Christmas, and I can't exactly toss them, because that would be so bad for the environment and my conscience... And it takes me forever to use them, because I'm so scared of smelling like a grandma whose nose stopped working...

  8. OMG, gingham cupcake holder? Adorable ceramic cake stand? Perfume with a name like LIGHTING PAW??? What warm blooded female could resist adding these to an imaginary shopping list? ;)

  9. I'm on the same boat, I dropped 5 grand on my fall semester of grad school...talk about depressing! So many pretty things here, no wonder it's hard to not cave in!

  10. Saving is so hard to do! Keep it up. Love your mental/blog wishlist especially the sunglasses, the are fabulous!



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