Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What if the Goonies had Google?

While I usually tend to pay more attention to costumes and decor in film, this past weekend I got into a discussion about technology in older movies. A friend, brought up the fact that there are movies out there where outdated (by our current standards) technology is important to the plot. And, not necessarily old black & white movies either. Just think back to The Ring (either the 2002 American version or the 1998 Japanese original) a VCR and videotape were central to the film. (Does anyone still have a VCR?)

Then there is 1998's You've Got Mail - and I only saw part of this movie on TV a while ago it's pretty terrible, but... interesting in the sense that 'oh that's right everyone did use AOL in the 90's'

There are other movies out there that feature the internet like, 1995's The Net (haha) staring Sandra Bullock and 1983's War Games. Yes, the internet (even in a rudimentary form) was a scary place in those times. Capable of destroying the world even.

One movie that I remember rocked my socks as a kid was The Wizard from 1989 - with Fred Savage and Jenny Lewis. I mean do you remember when Mario Bros. was the greatest game ever? I know I begged and begged my parents for a Nintendo (no luck on that, they were anti- TV and video games).

(Beware the 80's nemesis with a Powerglove)

Is the Powerglove not cooler than the Wii U?

I really get a kick out of watching 80's movies and seeing the old 'black & green' computer screens. Because, I actually remember that that was cutting edge. Yeah I'm getting old.

But, really - just pick up any of your favorite childhood movies and pay attention to the technology - For example, what if Cher and Dionne had, had smart phones?

Hello? Shopping apps...



  1. Ah, "Clueless"... Remember Cher's outfit-making software? It's like an early version of Polyvore.

  2. @ Jenni - doh" I should have added that in : ) !!

  3. I was just thinking about that last week while watching "My So-Called Life." In the Christmas episode, Angela goes missing, so the Chases look around town for her. They couldn't just call her on her cell phone, because most people didn't have them then.

    I actually still do have a VCR, though it's sitting in a box in a closet now.

  4. haha this is awesome. I totally forgot about war games.

  5. I love it when plot lines are dependent upon pay phones. awesomeness.

    Because Tron Legacy came out and I actually really loved it, I decided to watch the original, which I'd never seen.
    Welp. It was hard to get through. The evil menacing computer program wanting to take over the world, was probably the least threatening villain I've ever seen.

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. i watched the wizard maybe 2,000 times as a kid. am so happy you mentioned it!

  7. That is so funny! Goonies is one of my favorites.


  8. This is awesome! We had our VCR with us for the longest time but while moving we had to give it away.

  9. I miss Video. And payphones.

  10. Haha hilarious! I just watched the Shining last night and was thinking, what if they had wifi in the hotel? The whole scary business could have been avoided.