Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Solidifying my all-things-1920's obsession

It all started with the Korakia. When we were in Palm Springs last winter we came across the lovely Korakia Pensione. The Property has two main villas the Moroccan Villa and the Mediterranean Via. The second I saw the entry way to the pensione I pictured Valentino. I later learned that he had in fact frequented the villa along with many other stars of the time. I've talked about the Korakia here before. I can't help but go a little overboard when I find something I like. I started watching silent films Clara Bow, Valentino, Louise Brooks.

After seasons and seasons of being atomic prints and Madmen-esque silhouettes. It's exciting to try new sleek shapes and hair.

I'm just getting into Boardwalk Empire. I'm a sucker for a costume drama.

I think that the writers really just had Kelly MacDonald's character work in a dress shop just to show off the beautiful clothes of the era.

Now it seems that the whole world is talking about all things 1920's with the success of Boardwalk Empire and the fantastic attention that film The Artist has received.

so it's no surprise that many of the designer collections for Spring 2012 are 20's inspired.

I'm working on a few different inspiration boards that I'll share here soon.

Have you seen The Artist yet?

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  1. You can slip so effortlessly into the 20's style... no wonder you love it, it was made for you.