Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Closet Editing Challenge

Since moving to a much smaller space, I've been on a roll paring down belongings and really trying to achieve that perfect minimalist lifestyle. Ok - so it's the goal, but I am am far from it.

But after reading this about blogger Emily Wall's (of DC Here Now) style philosophy, and seeing photos of her perfectly edited closet - I've been inspired to really tackle my closet. I've attempted this before - in the sense that I weeded out stuff that didn't fit and stuff that I hardly ever wore - but, I've never attempted to try to get down to just one closet. (She actually has just one rack).

In the following weeks I'll be listing items on ebay, consigning, gifting and what-not. I'm curious to know if anyone has tried to list items on Poshmark?

I'll be documenting my wardrobe overhaul in a sort of "Closet Visit". I may even turn to you to ask for advice on what to keep and what to let go.


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  2. wow. now that is one small closet.
    I know i need to tackle mine, but I just have so much trouble forcing myself to let go.

    in an act of defiance (and partly due to the mild winter) i only took two sweaters and one sweater dress out of storage this winter.
    I honestly haven't missed or wanted anything else from that storage box.

    clearly this means i have too much... but how i will i know what i'll want next winter, even if i'm not into it right now?

    good luck with your closet edits!