Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Very Downton Valentine's

Well, it's Valentine's Day. My lovely hubby surprised me with a very sweet card this morning. We don't usually make Valentine's Day a big deal and we don't do the dinner out at a crowded restaurant. Instead I'll be home tonight eating chocolate, procrastinating (there is a ton of studying I need to do)and watching the end of series two of Downton Abbey. I love this show, and I'm excited that series three will bring Downton into the 20's.

Are you among the many that love this show? It's a bit soap oper-y, but it's so entertaining. I'm hooked.

You can find out what Downton Abbey character you would most likely "be" here.

But, since it's Valentine's Day I wanted to find out which of the following Downton Men would be your dream date for a romantic dinner. From the Kitchen to the Drawing room here are Downton's Eligible men...

The refined "romantic figure" Mr. Bates

The heir Matthew Crawley

The revolutionary chauffeur Branson

The sweet footman William

Or, (forgetting the fact that he's well dead) would you have done as lady Mary and fallen for Kamal Pamuk?

Who would I choose? I'd probably runaway with Branson to fight injustices around Europe.

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  1. well, I think I'll take Branson, he's cute and he likes to drive, which means I wont have to. perfect.

    Glad you had a lovely valentines day!

    Chic on the Cheap