Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eco-style file: Kitty Cooper

Oh my god these shoes!

Yes, these shoes are eco-friendly! Made with beautiful vintage fabrics, (some pairs are made with 1960's curtain fabric!) these shoes really make a statement. And, they are oh so very Mad Men!

"Kitty Cooper's mission is to provide a glamorous alternative to traditional 'eco-styled' footwear - she knows that ethical doesn't have to be ugly!

Kitty gained a first-class degree at Cordwainers' Institute, part of London College of Fashion, and worked for a time designing China-made shoes for a number of High Street retailers.

Like many other people, she was troubled by the widespread, unsustainable and unethical use of materials, labour and resources. It was this that inspired her to launch her own brand - no-one should have to change their life styles, just their choices!

Kitty's expertise in vintage fabrics comes from several years spent dealing vintage clothes and accessories on Portobello Road, and other London venues. Here she was constantly struck how, in the past, beautiful things were cared for and re-worked. Her designs are inspired by the shapes, styles and craftsmanship of past eras, as well as the vintage 'make-do-and-mend' sensibility which is the antithesis of modern throw-away fashion."

I am loving their website Kitty-cooper.co.uk, where you can pick a shoe style then flip through the different fabric choices.

I would pair these shoes with prim little dresses like these Orla Kiley dresses, or

these little dresses from Toast uk.

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  1. Vintage fabric shoes - how clever!!
    I'm loving the red and gold pumps!