Friday, February 12, 2010

The Hundred Dresses

One of my favorite books when I was very little was The Hundred Dresses. Do you remember this book? I may still have it somewhere in a box at my mother's house, but I wish I still had it with me to show you the watercolor illustrations ( I could not find any good ones on the interwebs)

"The Hundred Dresses is a story based in the true experiences of the author about a girl who is teased by her classmates. Wanda Petronski, a girl who comes from the poor part of town, is the only student in her class with a 'funny' Polish name. She is always quiet and she always wears the same faded blue dress to school everyday, although she claims she has a hundred dresses at home "all lined up in her closet."

There is a lot in this little book. If you haven't ever read it, I would really recommend trying to find a copy.

While I don't have anywhere near 100 dresses, I do enjoy browsing 100's of dresses online for inspiration. I am really loving the little spring dresses at Mina UK. Below are just a few of the new dresses for Spring.

I do apologize for the meager posts- but I have been at home sick- trying to get rested up for Valentine's day and the big week ahead. I have been watching tv, drinking tea and napping. Ugh, cold go away!

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