Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lost,Colds,and Wednesdays

Mid-week and I'm feeling the 'slump'. Mostly because I have a cold and need some extra rest, but I'm a trooper and have been going into work as usual. Just a few more days until the weekend!

Last night after watching Lost, and wondering if we will ever actually have all the questions about the Island answered, (so far there are only more puzzling twists and turns), I began to think of about running off to live on some tropical Island. (Maybe one that isn't inhabited by a smoke monster) But, one that is just as sunny and warm.

Winter needs to be over - I know I shouldn't complain, I live in California! I grew- up in Boston I should be grateful that there aren't feet of snow on the ground, but all the same cold weather is cold weather- it is not warm enough to run around carefree in a sun dress, or to sit outside for a nice lunch with friends, or to go to the beach, or to not worry about having to wear layers and layers of clothes in the house.

Anyway, Since I can't really dress for summer I've decided to post some fun vintage summer looks.

Now off to drink some tea and then get some sleep.

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  1. I have a feeling Lost will never answer all of our questions, and instead leave us in the final episode with an even bigger mystery than ever before. But as long as my favorite couple, Desmond and Penny, end up okay, I wont really care.

    I agree, winter needs to end - how i'd love to be one of those girls splashing in the ocean!